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These online forms are provided for the convenience of persons using these services, and for making the request process more efficient as a whole. If you have a question or problem with any of these forms, please contact the person/department listed.

Online Form Contact

Online Form Contact Extension
Work Order Request Elaine or Linda 5533
Bottled Gas Request Frances Smith 5844
Rental Vehicle Reservation Request Elaine or Linda 5533
Table and Chair Rental Request Elaine or Linda 5533

Doing Business With Facilities Management

Important Memos:

Project Administrator

The project administrator is usually the Facilities Management secretary and is the person who serves as a contact between the Facilities Management department and the campus community. All problems require a work order so that the project administrator can authorize and coordinate work efforts. The Project Administrator is required to provide up-to-date status information for ongoing projects. They can be contacted at 835-5533, from 8:00am to Noon and 1:00 to 5:00pm, Monday - Friday.


Facilities Management prioritizes work orders depending on the situation. Emergency situations take top priority. An emergency is defined as a situation that causes damage, creates a hazard, compromises security, or prevents employees from doing their jobs. Some examples of emergencies are overflowing sinks or toilets, no heat during winter, no AC during summer, broken locks or doors, or no electricity in work areas or classrooms.

In an emergency, call Facilities Management directly (835-5533). If the emergency occurs after regular hours, call campus police (835-5434). Regular hours are Monday - Friday from 8:00am to Noon and from 1:00 to 5:00pm


If the situation is not an emergency and does not require immediate attention, submit a work order to Facilities Management.  There are two ways to submit a work order: 

1. Inform your department secretary.  2. Online Work Order Request System                                                           If there is a question on the status of a work order, complaint or suggestion call Facilities Management at 835-5533.

Fuel Service Procedures

The Facilities Management department also provides fuel service to all New Mexico Tech departments. Procedures for this service are listed separately [18]here.


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