Office for Student Learning

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What is the OSL?

The OSL is the Office for Student Learning. We’ve been working since 2013 to provide nondepartmental tutoring for a wide range of classes. Tutors are undergraduate students and tutoring is open to everyone. We offer tutoring for math, chemistry, and physics daily, and you can request a time to be scheduled with a tutor or request a tutor for a specific class if we do not already have one available.

Mission Statement

Working under the purview of Academic Affairs, the Office for Student Learning (OSL) directs and facilitates initiatives and programs for student learning housed within the OSL. Further, the Office for Student Learning gathers and analyzes data to assess the effectiveness of curricular and co-curricular student learning programs and the level of achievement our students demonstrate in individual program and department student learning outcomes and in our Institute-Wide Student Learning Outcomes. In addition, the Office for Student Learning works with Strategic Planning and Resource Development on proposal development and project implementation to support and advance student learning.