NMT Website Development

The New Mexico Tech website and social media are maintained by the NMT Web Development team. Among their many duties, they:

  • Generally maintain the NMT website
  • Are an administration resource for the 30+ distributed authors who create content for the NMT website
  • Coordinate and carry out training to the 30+ distributed authors
  • Plan and develop content items throughout the site, such as the featured story and the student profile
  • Ensure information is up to date and accurate
  • Design and redesign graphics and template changes throughout the site as necessary
  • Analyze statistical data concerning the website to better drive traffic to appropriate information
  • Coordinate the NMT social media mechanisms, including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Flickr

For information concerning site problems or features, please contact:


Interim Director

Clinton R. Lanier, Ph.D.


Dr. Lanier hold a Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Professional Communication from New Mexico State University. He is also an Assistant Professor of Technical Communication in the Technical Communication Program at New Mexico Tech. In addition to his duties as Interim Director of the NMT website and social media, he is the Manager of Web Communications for the New Mexico Center for Energy Policy, and the Director of the Applied Communication Research Group.

Dr. Clinton R. Lanier


Lead Designer

Martin Riggenbach

Martin Riggenbach works as the lead designer for the NMT website and updates the NMT Facebook page and Twitter feed. Martin designed most of the graphics throughout the NMT website  and coordinates the publication of various monthly features, including video features. He is also in charge of problem solving for the site and deskside support.

Martin Riggenbach