Japan Signing

by Thomas Guengerich

Right: Seated are (from left) Dr. Mika Goto, Tech Vice President Lonnie Marquez and Dr. Yusuke Omi. Standing are professors of management Peter Anselmo and Toshi Sueyoshi. Goto and Sueyoshi are the principal researchers in the partnership.

SOCORRO, N.M., May 20, 2008 -- New Mexico Tech, through the Department of Management, and the Central Research Institute for Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI) of Japan on Monday signed an agreement to conduct research and to establish a student exchange program.

Vice President of Finance and Administration Lonnie Marquez welcomed a delegation from CRIEPI for an official signing ceremony at the state-supported research university in Socorro. The partnership with NMT is one of only three associations CRIEPI has established with universities in the United States.

Associate Professor of Management Peter Anselmo will oversee the partnership, while Professor Toshi Sueyoshi will work directly with his counterparts in Japan.

Sueyoshi and his colleagues in Japan will continue to study various aspects of the electric utility industry, including wholesale market structures associated with the production and sale of electricity and the effects of de-regulation, Anselmo said.

“Dr. Sueyoshi’s research is to understand the structure of electricity markets at a microlevel,” Anselmo said. “The Japanese institute is interested in his work.”

Sueyoshi has already published many papers in collaboration with CRIEPI researchers, including models of the Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Maryland (PJM) market, which is one of the most de-regulated in the country and of the Japanese market, which is still heavily regulated.

Sueyoshi, along with Dr. Yusuke Omi and Dr. Mika Goto, will conduct economic research into the intricacies of electricity markets, Anselmo said. Dr. Goto and Dr. Sueyoshi have been working together on these issues for several years, which helped foster the agreement signed this week.

CRIEPI will provide Tech with $20,000 for the first year of an agreement expected to last four or five years, Anselmo said.

CRIEPI will station a researcher at New Mexico Tech in Socorro periodically, with Tech students completing internships in Tokyo. CRIEPI will provide housing and other support for NMT students working in Tokyo as interns. “And, as things progress, if CRIEPI is happy with the research outcomes from the partnership, we have the opportunity to grow the partnership,” Anselmo said.

The Central Research Institute for Electric Power Industry is funded by a 0.2 percent levy on all electricity sales in Japan. Its annual budget is more than $50 billion. In comparison, the National Science Foundation was funded for fiscal year 2008 with a Congressional outlay of $6 billion.

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