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Meeting, March 19, 2009

Alumni Board Meeting

March 19, 2009

3 p.m., Mountain Time

Present: Kathy Hedges, Katie O’Toole, Cheryl Pulaski, Charles Major, Paul Shoemaker, John Dowdle, Richard Miller, Russ Erbes, Tom Dillon

While waiting, Kathy announced that Tech will be on Mythbusters, April 8 and 22. Press release at . John Dowdle requested tape, if anyone tapes it.

Old Business

Committee Reports

Cheryl starts by summarizing recent alumni receptions and coming ones. Las Vegas, NV, reception on March 12 had a turnout of about 20 people eager to form a chapter. There will be a reception for Science Fair judges at the Cap in Socorro on April 4. On April 18, Colorado Chapter will have an alumni picnic. On May 7, China Lake Chapter will have its initial meeting.

Golden Reunion of Class of 1959 happens on May 15 and 16. So far, have 5 acceptances and 2 maybes.

49ers 2009

Kathy asked for Board approval for times for two events. Annual General Meeting will be on Sat., Oct. 24, following lunch. Russ agreed to follow up with Brett on inviting Pres. Lopez to the meeting.

Other event was a Board Retreat, about 1 hour. Kathy suggested “cocktail hour” on Saturday, sat 4:30 or 5 p.m. Will find a private home to host. Board OK’d that.

In addition, on Thursday, there will be an alumni-faculty reception, hosted at the home of Vicky Gonzales.

Louise Chamberlin reported that she is in early stages of planning for an alumni trip to Sicily in 2011.

Katie reported that the Alumni Endowment Fund now has $5120.00

Nominating Committee

Russ Erbes arrived. Reported that the nominating Committee has five good candidates for Distinguished Achievement and three for Distinguished Service. Will put Nominating Form online and collect nominations throughout the year. Committee has had one teleconference and will have another on April 6 to discuss nominations received.

Committee is working on Terms of Office for Board Members, so we will know who needs to be replaced when. Charlie Major has been voted onto the Board.

John Dowdle has nominated Alvis McDonald to be on the Board. McDonald was the Brown Medalist in 1959, went into petroleum business, got Ph.D. at University of Texas. He will be coming to Golden Reunion this year. Nominating Committee will consider him.

Kathy wanted to propose that a 40th reunion for the Class of 1970 be held at 40ers 2010.

Kathy gave update on Tech’s new web. Dr. Clint Lanier, TC prof who is designing web, plans to launch it in early May. Will redesign Advancement/ Alumni/ Giving areas this summer, working with Kathy. They would like input from alumni at that time.

Cheryl P: There is a need to revisit the Alumni Board’s Strategic Plan, because circumstances have changed since it was written. We are getting much accomplished that the Plan wanted. There is a grant coming up that she plans to write, and ask for our computer upgrades. About 400 people apply for this grant and 20 get it.

Louise Chamberlin: I suggest we have 10th year reunions at 49ers for every 10th year. People favor that idea.
John Dowdle will call the people in his class, who are having their 50th reunion in 2010.

Russ asks about Kathy’s future with the Board. Cheryl says the President must decide, and he is not back from Legislature, so she has to plan for all contingencies. Katie will continue to work for her next summer.

Richard Miller has not yet received Gold Pan. It went out by bulk mail and takes a while to reach more distant people. Katie will send him one.

Next meeting is set for April 16, 3 p.m., Mountain Time.

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