Graduate Applications

Online Applications - Last Updated 12/18/2014

New Mexico Tech's online applications are uploaded after completion, however, letters of recommendation, GRE and TOEFL scores must still be arranged for separately by the applicant. Note: Our institutional code with ETS (Educational Testing Service) for GRE and TOEFL is 4533. These additional materials are available in the Application Instruction packet

For an application to a graduate degree program at NMT, you must complete all of the following in order.


  1. Download, print and review the appropriate Application Instruction packet (pdf file) for:

  2. Complete a FAFSA: Domestic applicants who seek full time status and any kind of financial aid (assistantships, fellowships, scholarships and/or work study) are strongly encouraged to complete and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Go to the FAFSA web page and follow the pointers for completion of the form.  When you are asked to provide the school code, use 002654 for New Mexico Tech.

  3. Visit the Online Application pages

    • Complete and upload your online application.  Remember your login and pin so that you can revisit to continue incomplete applications. 

      • For best results, your browser should be updated to the latest version.  The application server may be down for maintenance between midnight and 6:00 am Mountain Standard Time.
    • Pay your application fee: You may either pay the application fee online with a credit card or pay later with a check or money order.  

      • Special Graduate applications do not have an application fee.  Applicants for Special Graduate status should click the "Pay Later" button when asked to provide for the Application Fee.)
    • Visit the application site for updated information: After your application has been submitted and before you receive our admissions decision, you may go back online to the application web site to monitor the progress of your application.  If we have not received particular letters of recommendation or exam scores these will be noted.  You will also be able to see when your application is sent to the department for their recommendation.


  4. Following the directions in the Application Instruction packet, make arrangements for all supporting materials to be delivered to the Graduate Office at the address below.


Pre-printed Application Materials

For pre-printed application materials, send your request via any of the options listed below. The application fee for international students who obtain the pre-printed application is $55 U.S. We regret that we can provide only one set of application materials for each mailing address.



write us at: email us at: call us at: FAX us at:
Center for Graduate Studies 1-800-428-TECH 1-575-835-5476
New Mexico Tech   or  
801 Leroy Place   1-575-835-5513  
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