Paging via Phone

This will send a page to the pager with a message of your phone number so that the person you are paging knows who to contact.

  1. Dial x7950
  2. Enter the pager number.
  3. Enter your phone number, followed by the # sign.

Paging via Email

To contact a pager via email, send a plain text message to pager (at) nmt.edu. You cannot send a page via the Outlook web front end.

In the subject line, enter the pager number you want to reach. If there are two or more pagers you want to send the same message to, separate each pager number with a comma.

The body of the message is what will be sent to the pager(s). This text should be no longer than 80 characters.

Offsite Paging Gateway

For your convenience, we currently provide paging to the following service providers:

  • Verizon: verizon (at) admin.nmt.edu
  • T-Mobile: tmobile (at) admin.nmt.edu
  • Sprint: sprint (at) admin.nmt.edu

The subject of the message is the phone number, including area code, such as 5055551212.

The message must be plain text.

Pager Manuals:

Motorola Advisor Gold

DavisComms BR802