Setup Wireless Encryption

Using encrypted wireless requires more configuration and setup than using the unencrypted (web login) method of connecting to the New Mexico Tech Campus Wireless network, but it does have a few benefits:

  • It allows for seamless roaming between buildings without re-authenticating. 
  • It allows for automatic re-authentication when you session times out.
  • Slightly more secure sessions, assuming a hacker isn't very determined.
    • You should NEVER assume your wireless (even if it is encrypted) is any more secure than the rest of the Internet.
    • Always use encrypted websites or the encrypted interfaces whenever possible when utilizing wireless networks.  Even email services (Gmail, Yahoo!, etc.) provide a secure (https:// type) connections to help protect your sessions.

To configure your machine to use the NMT-ENCRYPTED-... wireless networks, choose from the following machine types. 

  • Microsoft Windows
    • XP
    • Vista
    • CE
    • Windows7 (comming soon!)
  • Linux
  • Macintosh

If your type of computer is not represented  here, you can contact the Information Services Department Networking section and request that a page be created for your type of machine.  We may request you to bring in your machine so we can verify the process works on your machine and create the images and documentation so others may benefit from the knowledge.