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Flag Rotation at the Fidel Center 

  • Kuwait, Trinidad & Tobago, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Slovakia and Argentina (August 22 to 28).
  • Vietnam, Brazil, Jamaica, Dominica, Croatia and Lebanon (August 29 to September 4)

New Mexico Tech on the web and in the news:

  • El Defensor Chieftain published an article about Danielle Turner, the first Ph.D. student in the new biotechnology doctoral program. Turner earned her bachelor's and master's at Tech in biology. Click here for the full article

  • El Defensor Chieftain published a comprehensive and detailed Q&A with Dr. Stephen Wells, president of New Mexico Tech. Click here for the article
  • Longtime geophysics professor Dr. Allan Sanford passed away Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2016, at his home in Woodinville, Wash. Dr. Sanford spent his entire career at New Mexico Tech, from 1957 to 1997. He and his wife, Alice, continued to live in Socorro until 2013. Dr. Sanford won the Distinguished Research Award at Tech in 1985. Click here for a touching and personal obituary. 
  • New Mexico Tech began campus visits last week for the five candidates for the position of Vice President of Academic Affairs. Click here for that article. Douglas Wells, John Warwick, and John Hamilton were on campus last week. The final two candidates will have official interviews and visits:

    • Ron Larsen, August 29
    • Bill Stone, August 30
  • The Packer, an industry publication for agriculture, and PotatoPro recently announced that Tech graduate Justin Clements (B.S. in biology, 2010) received a $10,000 scholarship from the National Potato Council.  Clements is a doctoral student in the Molecular and Environmental Toxicology Program at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. His research focuses on pesticide resistance in the Colorado potato beetle. Click here for The Packer article.  Click here for a longer, more detailed article at PotatoPro

  • A TV station in Idaho Falls aired a segment about the intern program at Idaho National Laboratory. Although the video doesn't mention NMT, the accompanying text includes a mention of Sean Salinas, Class of 2016, who won an award for his computer science research. Congratulations, Sean! Click here for the article

  • Kinross Gold Corp. announced this week that Tech graduate Lauren M. Roberts has been appointed Chief Operating Officer. Roberts earned his bachelor's in mining engineering at Tech in 1988. He has been with Kinross since 2004, most recently as Senior Vice President of Corporate Development. Roberts had previously been with Barrick Gold and Hecla Mining. Click here for the press release.

  • Purdue University posted an article about Lockheed Martin's bid to maintain its management of Sandia National Laboratory. The company is partnering with Purdue, New Mexico Tech and New Mexico State University. Click here for the Purdue article

  • The Network World website published an article about RiskSense, the NMT spinoff company that focuses on cybersecurity and computer forensics. The company recently landed a $7 million investement. Click here for the article

Items of interest:   

  • The Albuquerque to Socorro commuter van has an available seat. If you are interested please contact Rob V Hepler at 575-835-8027 (text or voice) or key points about or van pool:

We operate every day that NM Tech is open.
We have two stops in Albuquerque and in Socorro

I-25 and Paseo Del Norte –leaves at 6:32 AM
I-25 and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. – leaves at 6:45
Cramer Hall parking lot
EMRTC parking lot
We leave NM Tech at 5:05 p.m. and stop at the other stop on campus before heading home.
We lease our van from New Mexico Vanpools (a non-profit organization) who set our monthly fees based on operational costs.
Our fees have averaged $130.46 for the last year. If one considers vehicle expenses and wear and tear (depreciation), for most folks, driving their own vehicle, this cost is less than would be spent on 6 round trips from Albuquerque to Socorro. This does not consider your personal time spent on driving your own vehicle.
As a passenger on the van you can sleep or work during the trip! Most folks sleep.


  • Did you know? New Mexico Tech sends surplus inventory to Bentley's Auction every month. The company auctions New Mexico Tech inventory on the second Friday of every month. Auctions start at 8:30 a.m. at 4900 Pan American Freeway NE, Albuquerque. Buyers can bid on items in person, on-line or by phone. The website is or Bentley's phone number is (505) 344-1812.

  • What can you do with your empty printer and copier ink cartridges, and the cell phones you're no longer using? Put them in a collection box for the Rotary Club of Socorro. This project is partly community service, to keep the cartridges and phones out of the landfill, and partly an effort to raise funds for Rotary's local, national, and international projects. You will find collection boxes on campus in the Fidel Center, Human Resources, NRAO, MRO, and the Bureau of Geology. You will also see them at various locations around Socorro. Rotary thanks you for your help!

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