University Announcements

Flags On Display at Fidel Center:

  • Morocco, Botswana, Honduras, Italy, Nigeria and Japan (Feb. 23-March 1).
  • Egypt, Ghana, Netherlands, Pakistan, Bulgaria and Brazil (March 2-8).

New Mexico Tech in the News

  • Symmetry Magazine published an article about Dr. Fred Phillips' research into cosmogenic dating of rocks found in glaciers. Click here to read the article
  • published an article about astronomical research that features Dr. David Meier of the Tech Physics Department and the NRAO. Meier and his colleagues are studying star-forming regions in galaxies. Click here to read the article.

  • The Albuquerque Journal reported on new technology that was partially developed at New Mexico Tech. A Los Alamos start-up company is marketing a device called OrganiClean that is intended to be used in the oil-and-gas industry to clean produced water. The technology was developed by the late Dr. Rob Bowman who was a professor of hydrology at Tech. Dr. Bowman passed away in June 2009. Click here for the full article
  • The Albuquerque Journal published an article about proposed changes to the N.M. Legislative Lottery Scholarship.  The Lottery Fund is not producing enough revenue to fully fund the scholarships of those who qualify. The Governor and the Legislature have different ideas about how to fix the Lottery Scholarship. Click here to read the report

Items of interest:

  • What can you do with your empty printer and copier ink cartridges, and the cell phones you're no longer using? Put them in a collection box for the Rotary Club of Socorro. This project is partly community service, to keep the cartridges and phones out of the landfill, and partly an effort to raise funds for Rotary's local, national, and international projects. You will find collection boxes on campus in the Fidel Center, Human Resources, NRAO, MRO, and the Bureau of Geology. You will also see them at various locations around Socorro. Rotary thanks you for your help!

Homes For Sale on Tech Hill