Fuel Service

All New Mexico Tech departments are eligible to purchase motor fuel through the Facilities Management Department. The fueling facility is located just west of the Facilities Management building and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Prices vary but are generally five to ten cents less than if the fuel is purchased locally. Both unleaded gas and dyed diesel are available.

To obtain access to the fueling facility departments must obtain a gas key from the Facilities Management Department. The key contains a magnetic strip that contains a key number that allows the computers to take care of the billing. Keys should not be placed on a television or near stereo speakers or the data will be erased. Lost keys will be replaced at a fee of $3.00 each.

Billings are sent out to the departments on a monthly basis showing the activity on each key, including gallons pumped by product each day of the month.

Dyed diesel is intended for off road use only. If the Department of Transportation checks your vehicle while on the road and it contains dyed fuel you will be subject to fines. The Facilities Management Department will not be responsible for any fines.