Master of Science in Geochemistry

  • Professors: Aster, Bowman (Chair of the Department), Campbell, Condie, Hendrickx, Kyle, Norman, Phillips, Wilson
  • Associate Professors: Axen, Boston, Harrison, D. Johnson, McIntosh, Mozley
  • Assistant Professors: Bilek, J. Johnson, Spinelli, Vivoni
  • Emeritus Professors: Budding, G. Gross, Lattman, Sanford, Schlue
  • Adjunct Faculty: Andres, Austin, Barker, Bauer, Broadhead, Buckley, S. Cather, Chamberlin, Chapin, Connell, Dunbar, Hawley, Heizler, Jaksha, Kelley, Kieft, Land, Love, McCord, McLemore, Murray, Newman B., Pullin, Reiter, Scholle, Stephens, Tidwell, Tobin, Ulmer-Scholle

Degree Requirements

The Master of Science degree in Geochemistry may be earned either with thesis or without thesis in accordance with the
general requirements of the Graduate Program. The master’s candidate must demonstrate competence in chemistry, geology, mathematics, and physics comparable to the requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree in either chemistry, one of the engineering sciences, or one of the geological sciences.

A program of study for the master’s degree must be approved by the student’s advisory committee and must satisfy the general requirements for the degree, including GEOP 590 (at least three credit hours) or GEOC 591 (at least six credit hours).

  • Students must complete 2 credit hours of GEOC 592
  • at least 4 credit hours of GEOC 593 (unless the degree is completed in a shorter time)
  • 12 credit hours in geochemistry
  • 6 credit hours in upper- division or graduate chemistry courses
  • As part of the degree requirements, students must have completed CHEM 331; ERTH 444; ERTH 380; or their equivalents