Meeting, Feb. 21, 2008

New Mexico Tech Alumni Association
Board of Directors Meeting
February 21, 2008

Present: Geza Keller, Tom Dillon, Linda Gonzales, Charlie Goodman, Shasta Marrero, George Schmaltz, Brett Wendt

Associate members present: Carol Lynn Tiegs, Cheryl Pulaski

Absent: Josh Asplen, Louise Chamberlin, Steve Dixon, Russ Erbes, Navid Mojtabai, Paul Shoemaker, Edie Steinhoff

The meeting was called to order at 3:05 p.m.

On a motion by Linda, seconded by Geza, the minutes of the December meeting were unanimously accepted.
Chapter and Event Updates

  • The Santa Fe/Los Alamos Chapter will hold a planning meeting in late March.
  • In Houston six people have expressed interest in helping to organize a chapter. Brett has contacted them regarding a date for a meeting.
  • The Colorado Chapter will hold their next meeting on May 3. Carol Lynn will distribute their original meeting agenda as a model for chapter formation.
  • An alumna in Grants is working to organize an event there on March 27, an alumna in Dallas is working on a chapter-forming event for April 11, and an alumna in Albuquerque is working on plans for a 1979-1985 class reunion in 2009.
  • Carol Lynn and Cheryl are planning events in Roswell (March 18), Tucson/Phoenix (June 16/17), and fall events in Denver (SPE Convention), Houston (GSA Conference), and Las Vegas (MINE EXPO).
  • Carol Lynn and Cheryl spent the morning greeting alumni attending the Tech Career Fair as recruiters for their firms. For the second time, they have organized a post-Fair get-together for alumni recruiters tonight at the new K-Bob’s.

Committee Reports
Distinguished Alumni Awards:

  • The committee has clarified the award criteria language.
  • A call for nominations will appear in the spring Gold Pan being mailed next week.

49ers Planning Committee

  • Carol Lynn will meet on February 29 with Joanna DeBrine, owner of The Capitol Bar, and Tech rugby coach Dave Wheelock to plan for a Friday night (Oct. 24) party at The Cap, following the late afternoon rugby match between alumni and current team players. This is the first time the rugby alumni and Alumni Association have done joint planning for 49ers.
  • The board agreed to hold the Annual General Meeting on Saturday (Oct. 25) from 5 to 6 p.m. at the Fidel Center Commons. Hors d’ouvres and soft drinks will be provided.
  • Agenda for the Annual General Meeting will include: update on Tech, update on chapter activities, Alumni Association initiatives and strategic plan report, election of officers, recognition of lifetime members present, and discussion/Q&A.
  • There will not be a Saturday night dinner event.
  • Linda will check with Rosie Tripp to see whether Thursday night’s (Oct. 23) reception might be held at the Tripp’s home. Back-ups are Macey Center and Judy Lovelace’s home.
  • Linda suggested developing a photo slide show of 49ers past.

Website Committee

  • Board members familiar with Sharepoint agreed that, while not ideal, it and Survey Monkey could provide a short-term solution to website needs.
  • Next steps: await news from Joe Franklin in ISD regarding administrative spending and priority decisions.

Nominating Committee

  • A report from Geza will follow within the next week.

Admission Recruiting Effort

  • Carol Lynn has sent the names of 10 volunteers on to Admission
  • Volunteers are needed for college fairs, and to introduce Tech to college counselors at high schools and community colleges.
  • Admission provides materials, and reimburses volunteers for their expenses.
  • The Admission Office could provide training to interested volunteers at chapter meetings and other alumni events.
  • Advancement and Admission offices are exploring putting training materials and information on the website.
  • Admission officers are on the road recruiting and not able to attend this meeting. Applications are up over this time last year.
  • A primary Admission goal is to increase campus diversity, achieving Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) status. This requires that a minimum of 25 percent of the student body be of Hispanic origin; at Tech that percentage is currently 24.9.
  • Admission will be invited to attend a subsequent board meeting.

Strategic Plan Process

  • Carol Lynn outlined a three-part process involving: 1) a broad survey in Gold Pan; 2) a targeted e-mail survey; and 3) focus groups conducted through the chapters and in areas of high alumni concentration.
  • The following board members formed a Strategic Plan Committee: Geza Keller, George Schmaltz, Brett Wendt and Carol Lynn Tiegs.
  • Board members are asked to send potential survey questions/topics to Carol Lynn at ctiegs@admin.nmt.edu.

The meeting adjourned at 4:05 p.m.

The next meeting will be Thursday, March 20 at 3 p.m. Mountain Time.