2009 Langmuir Award Letters of Nomination and Nominated Papers


2009 Langmuir Nominatees and Nominated Papers

Guglielmo Fucci, Successfully defended his PhD thesis on April 3, 2009
Nominated by Dr. Ivan Avramidi
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Manoj Kumar, Doctoral Student in Chemistry
Nominated by Dr. Peng Zhang
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The Langmuir Award for Excellence in Research is given for an outstanding scientific research paper by any student or graduate of New Mexico Tech. The paper must have been submitted to or published by a recognized journal during the preceding year. The recipient is selected by the Faculty Senate's Honorary Degrees and Awards Committee. The award is named in honor of Irving Langmuir (Nobel Laureate, 1932) who conducted extensive research with Tech staff.

Nominations must be submitted to the Honorary Degrees and Awards Committee by March 15. The research paper and supporting information will be placed in the library on reserve, and posted online on the Academic Affairs webpage by April 1st. The Committee will ask for nominations from the floor at the May Faculty Senate meeting, followed by a vote.