Student Engagement and Success

What is a Living/Learning Community?

Designed to encourage academic success, a Living/Learning Community is composed of a group of freshmen placed in the same residence hall who take the same three courses together as a group. These courses, which include a Freshman Year Experience course, are linked together around a common research theme, which creates a more engaging, realistic and exciting atmosphere.  In addition, there are wonderful sources of support for the Learning Community, such as Learning Coaches, On-Site Tutors, and study areas designed with the latest technology.  Being involved in a residential community where everyone is taking the same main courses together provides participants with tremendous peer-support in a very challenging college atmosphere.  The combination of living together and learning together in the midst of a strong academic support system provides the best possible chance of academic and career success.

Go to the NMT Student Living/Learning Communities Website for more information.

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Project Director

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Director/Learning Specialist

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Office Coordinator

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