Campus Network

Information Technology and Communication (ITC) is responsible for core networking services at New Mexico Tech.  ITC installs, operates, and manages all inter-building connectivity and nearly all of the intra-building infrastructure for academic, administrative, residential (dormitory), and mixed tenant buildings.  We also provide connectivity to the research groups and buildings throughout the campus.

ITC provides Internet, Internet2 (I2), and National Lambda Rail (NLR)  access.  Under most fair-share (see below) connection types the fees for all these networks are provided.  Large consumers of bandwidth and/or services may be contacted to arrange appropriate service provisions and compensation for those provisions.

To obtain Network Services please call in a work order at ITC, x5734 or email us at itc-workorder@admin.nmt.edu.  When you activate a port on the network (AdminNet and Direct Connect excluded) you should receive a Network Activation Request Form when the work has been completed.  If you did not receive your form and you feel the work has been completed, you may fill out a copy of this form and return it to us. 

Network Services
There are four basic types of network connectivity provided by ITC

  • Standard Network Connection (a.k.a. Academic Connection or Network Connection)
    This is the normal network connection nearly everyone on the campus uses.  This provides a single IP address and should only connect a single network host.  Each machine gains access to the Internet service as a single client fair-share portion.
    Fair-share portions are provided as an equal share of available fair-share bandwidth based on IP the address assigned.
  • Administrative Network Connection (a.k.a. AdminNet Connection)
    This AdminNet connection provides all the features of the Standard Network Connection as well as access to specific AdminNet services.  These Services include firewall protection, MS Office, Anti-Virus Software, E-Mail with SPAM protection, and access to restricted administrative services. 
    Not every client has access to this service.  Only clients with a approved demonstratable need and are in a location where the AdminNet can reasonably deployed  will be provided an AdminNet port.
  • End-User Equipment Connection (a.k.a. NETEU)
    Some organizations that occupy single tenant buildings have opted to install networking and provide ongoing infrastructure support on their own.  This allows them to pay a lower ongoing per machine rate while maintaining their portion of the Internet fair share bandwidth for the machine.
    All infrastructure support is provided by ITC as a time and materials basis.  No infrastructure  upgrades are provided by ITC.
  • Direct Connect Model
    Some organizations that occupy single tenant buildings have opted to opt-out of the fair-share Internet delivery and rather purchase a set amount of Internet bandwidth.  Bandwidth is purchased in 1 Mbit, 5 Mbit, and 10 Mbit blocks and are priced at the opportunity cost (not usage based).

    This billing model is be available in some multi-tenant buildings for an initial install fee and ongoing monthly charges.
    Contact ITC for a quote on this service. 

For pricing information on our baseline products you may look here.  We attempt to keep these prices up to date, but sometimes, despite our best efforts, this list becomes outdated.  Please contact ITC directly for the latest and most accurate pricing.

Open Labs
Open labs provide a free, open resource for all students, faculty and staff to use to do their homework, access specialized software, write their thesis, check their email, or any number of other activities.  Check our our open lab page here.