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Ethernet Card Driver Installation Guide

This guide covers how to install drivers for your ethernet card under Windows 95.   If you are using NT or 98, these instructions may not work for you.

1) If Windows autodetected your ethernet card, one of two things will happen:

  • It detects the card, and installs the drivers from the Windows 95 cd. Windows will then install the drivers for your card, and  then ask you to reboot.  After you reboot, you can proceed to the TCP/IP Installation Guide.
  • It detects the card, but says that Windows does not contain the drivers it needs and asks you to insert a disk with the proper  drivers.  If it does this, insert the floppy disk or the cdrom that came with your ethernet card and select the directory the drivers are in.  Windows will then install the drivers for your card, and then ask you to reboot.  After you reboot, you can  proceed to the TCP/IP Installation Guide.

2) If Windows did not autodetect your ethernet card, the following should help you install your drivers.

  • If you added your ethernet card with the Add New Hardware wizard, as explained in the Ethernet Installation Guide, if windows has a driver for the card it will install that driver as in Case 1 above.  If it does not have a driver, it will install the driver for your card as in Case 2 above.
  • If you added your ethernet card manually, you will either select your card from a list of drivers that windows has, or you can click the Have Disk button and select the appropriate driver for your card from the driver disk that was provided with the network card. Once the driver is installed, windows will reboot, and your card should function correctly.

    Now that you have the drivers installed for your card, you should proceed to the TCP/IP Installation Guide.


TCP/IP Driver Installation Guide

Windows 7

Windows 2000/XP

Mac OS 7.6.1-9.x, OS X


De-authentication/Re-authentication procedure



This is a short list of links to sites that provide shareware and freeware for Windows 95/98/2000.  If you would like to add a link that is not listed, send the URL to rcn@nmt.edu

Download.com, Shareware.com and Tucows all house large file collections of Windows freeware and shareware utilities.


Technical Support

We support and maintain the network "behind the wall" free of charge. (Assuming the port, cable, hub, etc. have not been abused.)

In order to keep our costs low, we can only perform maintenance on the dorms at certain times. (The afternoons, or on certain days, etc.)

We ask that you realize how little you are paying for your connection before you become angry that we will not be able to troubleshoot your port until the afternoon (or next day.) Thank you

Please check out our troubleshooting page and see if any of the tips on there help with your problem before contacting us.  If you are positive that your hardware is working correctly, and that it is your network connection that has failed, we can check it out.  If we come over and find out that the problem is with your computer and not with the port, we will bill you for our time.

Please take these steps to contact us:

   1. Call -5700 and tell us the problem.
   2. Relax. The problem is already half solved!

We will then look into the problem as soon as possible, and notify you of the results.