Telephone Authorization Code

Students & Staff gain access to the New Mexico Tech Phone System by using a Telephone Authorization Code (TAC).  With a full service TAC number, a student receives the broadest possible choice of dialing options and destinations at the lowest available price.  This is made possible by sharing in the volume discount that the Institute as a whole receives.  With a full service TAC you have the option of having your calls billed to a number of credit cards, including Master Card and Visa.  If you choose not to take advantage of the discount the full service TAC number provides, you can request a limited service TAC number.  The limited service TAC number gives you access to the Public Network so you can use your personal calling cards or call collect.

Full and limited service TAC numbers are assigned to you upon request.  You can obtain a TAC number from ITC.  Please fill out the form that applies to you and bring it to the ITC offices in the Gold building.

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How do I use my TAC number?



It is very important that you regard your TAC number as confidential.

It is your responsibility to pay for the phone calls made using it.  If you have lost your TAC number or the number has been compromised, notify Information Technology and Communications (ITC) at -5700 or at the ITC offices in the Gold building immediately.  Your TAC number will be canceled and you will receive a new number.



Students are billed monthly for phone calls made using the full service TAC.  These bills will be sent to your campus box around the 10th of each month.  Student having access to a TAC number must have a current address, if not, TAC number will be deleted. Payment is due upon receipt of the bill and is considered delinquent after one month.  Delinquent accounts are subject to TAC revocation.


A phone is provided in each dormitory room.  Modifications to the phone wiring in the dormitory room by a student are not permitted (this includes adding extra phone jacks.)  If modifications are made, they will be removed and the student billed for the time and material spent in their removal.