Open Computer Labs on Campus

New Mexico Tech offers several open labs that any student, staff or faculty may use.  Each lab has different operation hours and requirements to use the lab.  You may be turned away if there is a special event or class using a lab, but in general you should be able to use the lab, and the software installed on the computers, whenever you wish.

If you are turned away for any reason feel free to contact ITC at, stop by and ask for the Networking Group, or call us at 575-835-5700.

The TCC Open Labs are listed here:

Building   Room   Number of Computers   Contact   Email
Fidel 130 14 TCC
Library  208 12 TCC
MSEC  187 8 TCC
Speare  4 35 TCC
Speare  5 15 TCC
Speare  9 13 TCC
Speare  15 14 TCC
Speare  116 20 TCC
Weir  128 19 TCC
Weir  209 19 TCC

You need to use your TCC account to login to these computers.

In addition, each department on campus may or may not have a computer lab set aside for majors. Check with the department secretary to see what is available or look below for a partial list:

Jones Annex 124 (Air Lab):  Hours of operation: TBD, Contact:

Jones 202 (Lavender Room):Hours of operation: TBD, Contact:

MSEC 345 (Geo Lab):  Hours of operation: TBD, Contact:

MSEC 208 (EES Room):Hours of operation: TBD, Contact: