STEM Communication Fellows

Rebecca Clemens

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Area of Study: My major is Mechanical Engineering, Specialization in Solid Mechanics. My research topic is dynamic characterization of small rocket payloads - specifically, investigating experimental and computer modeling processes that could be used by academic teams for launch qualifications of experiment payloads. (That is, affordable testing / modeling systems to make sure their experiments will survive the rough launch environment.) 

Hope to Accomplish at Tech: I hope to accomplish a few things during my time at Tech. The first, of course, is to successfully complete my research and thesis. I'd like to increase grad student (especially MechEng) awareness of and participation in NMT writing and presentation events such as Thesis Boot Camp, informal peer review sessions, and the SRS and associated workshops. Expanding the ongoing communications process among grad students, advisors, and STEM Communications Fellows throughout the thesis-writing process is another area of interest. I also would like to improve my tutoring skills to better assist students in other disciplines as well as ESL students. 

Drea Rae Killingsworth



Area of Study: Masters in Geology

Hope to Accomplish at Tech: To encourage students to be inspired by the exciting opportunities and developments in science and technology fields. I would like to find ways to better communicate scientific concepts to other scientists and to the general public.

Chris White

chris white


Area of Study: Mechanical Engineering specializing in Mechatronics

Hope to Accomplish at Tech: I hope to further my knowledge and to expose myself to new experiences.


Amy Galanter

amy galanter


Area of Study: Hydrology

Hope to Accomplish at Tech: I am pursuing my education here at Tech because I want to pursue a career in finding and implementing solutions to water contamination. At Tech, I hope to complete my Master's degree.

Sarah Bryant

sarah bryant


Area of Study: I am a 5-year BS/MS student in Biology. My Masters research is in the field of Evolutionary Ecology.

Hope To Accomplish at Tech: I have already accomplished what I hoped to accomplish at Tech. I've gained valuable skills in and out of the laboratory doing undergraduate and graduate research and giving numerous research presentations to faculty, my peers, and other scientists at conferences. My goal is to get into a good Ph.D program for next year and continue doing what I love most: research.