Thesis Boot Camp

Thesis & Dissertation Boot Camp is a program hosted by the NMT Writing & Oral Presentation Centers. The focus of Boot Camp is to provide graduate students a distraction-free space in which, for one week, they can spend 5 to 6 hours per day writing their documents. It's a combination of a quality work space, readily available writing advice, and peer resources.

Why Thesis & Dissertation Boot Camp?

Because the hardest part of writing a thesis or dissertation is the actual writing. Distractions are everywhere – even on the very machine used to write the thesis or dissertation. A focused environment with an element of peer pressure motivates better than writing alone. The Fitch Hall basement has many resources available, including computers (Mac, PC, and Linux), laptops, printers, large wall-mounted monitors, comfortable chairs, and work tables. Also, students often form writing groups to help motivate each other after Boot Camp is over.

How do I sign up for Thesis & Dissertation Boot Camp?

It's easy! Just takethis PDF form to your advisor and fill it out. The form itself will even help you figure out what you plan to accomplish.

When is the Boot Camp?

Boot Camp is held twice a year: once at the end of winter break and once halfway through summer break. Specific dates will be announced.

Where is the Boot Camp?

Boot Camp meets in the Fitch Hall basement and fills the Writing & Oral Presentation Centers and the study lounge.

How Does Boot Camp work?

Students should bring whatever they need to write effectively. Research materials and other theses/dissertations from their fields are necessary. Lunch is not provided, although a one hour lunch break is scheduled. Some snacks, tea, coffee, and watter bottles are provided, and students are welcome to bring their own snacks. While computers are provided, students are welcome to bring their own laptops. Those who prefer to listen to music while working should bring headphones.

Throughout the week, brief workshops on time management, writing strategies, formatting, stretching and relaxation, etc., do occur, but most of the time is spent writing.

Participants should show up on time every day and should stay for the entire session. Breaks should be kept short. Cell phones should be turned off in dedicated work areas. Conversation should be kept outside of dedicated work areas, and internet usage should be restricted to research. The most important rule, though, is this: keep writing.

Where to sign up? When is the next one?

To sign up for the next boot camp visit the Writing Center website and fill out a PDF form with submission instructions on the form.


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