Student Absences

As a service to faculty and students, our office will send absence notifications to the respective faculty member(s) should a student absence be longer than five days. This service only will be utilized when an absence is for a family/student medical issue, death of a family member, military leave, or a New Mexico Tech-sponsored activity. However, our office may assist in verifying absences that are five days or less on a case-by-case basis, at the request of a faculty member, and we will encourage the student to speak directly with his or her professor. This absence notification process is only meant as a notification, and is not intended to excuse the absence itself, which is entirely up to the respective faculty member teaching the class. 

Specifically, here is the process: Upon receipt of a notification of the absence of a student, the Dean of Students Office will send an email to the professors on record notifying them of the absence. All students, regardless of length of absence, will be instructed to inform their professors about missing classes. You can find notification of absences at __________________________________.

Notification of the Death of a Student

There is nothing more difficult than the loss of one of our students. It is a heartbreaking event for family and friends of the student, and for the entire New Mexico Tech community of faculty, staff and fellow students. In dealing with the death of a student, the University faces the challenges of coping with the many ramifications of such a loss. Our most important responsibility is to contact the student’s family and to do our best to attend to their needs.

The Dean of Students Office serves as the primary contact office following the loss of a student. We contact the family and serve as a University liaison for them. We also notify the student’s faculty instructors and all appropriate New Mexico Tech offices responsible for processing and closing his or her records.

Please contact me personally, should you know that a student has passed away, at 575-835-5880.