SRS Reviewers

Thinking about reviewing student projects at the Student Research Symposium? We're glad you're here! 

Reviewers provide one of the most absolutely vital ingredients to the symposium: feedback for the students! This feedback helps the students learn, grow, and prepare for their next big conference, research project, or job. 


Who can be a Reviewer?

Graduate Students, NMT Faculty, Alumni, Staff, Administrators, or any interested STEM Professional is welcome! Because this is a non-competitive event, reviewer feedback is not used to judge or score, only to help the students develop. If you're interested, click on the button below to register, or email for more information. We hope to see you on Friday April 5 in the Fidel Ballroom. You must be physically present to review. Reviewers will also receive a ticket for lunch and the keynote speaker as well.

What does a Reviewer Do?

Reviewers attend student presentations, read the students' extended abstracts, and fill out evaluation forms for both. These forms help guide your feedback to the students. Comments are highly encouraged! To view the evaluation forms, click on the links below.

Reviewer Evaluation for Extended Abstract 
Reviewer Evaluation for Oral Presentation 


Please Watch this Brief (7 minute) Recording Explaining Reviewer Responsibilities:
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Yes, I want to be a Reviewer!

Fantastic! Please sign up by clicking on the big link below that says "Reviewer Registration Form" or by emailing We can't wait to see you in April!

If you need to pull out for any reason, please send an email to and we will take care of it!

Reviewer Registration Form