Key Shop, Windows and Doors


The Key Shop, Doors and Windows Department Supervisor directs the key shop and coordinates with outside contractors.

This department is responsible for the maintenance, repair and installation of all doors, windows and all locks and closures.

Department Supervisor

Art Benavidez
Phone: 835-5048

The Key Shop, Doors and Windows Department Supervisor directs, coordinates, schedules and participates in hardware and door projects.

Specific duties include:

  • Inspects employees' work, interviews and signs daily work cards
  • Evaluates  employees and recommends termination of unsatisfactory workers
  • Orders all materials, supplies and tools for each job
  • Trains and informs employees of new work methods, policies and procedures
  • Trains and monitors assigned personnel in proper safety and job-related procedures

FOR EMERGENCY KEY ISSUES PLEASE CONTACT: Campus Police - 835-5435 Email - dispatcher@admin.nmt.edu



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