Alumni Chapters

Existing chapters:

  • Albuquerque Alumni Chapter, contact: Paul Shoemaker ('71)
  • Colorado Chapter, NMT Alumni Association, contact: Bob Winn ('69)
  • Houston Alumni Chapter, contact: Brett Wendt ('92)
  • Dallas area Alumni Chapter, contact:: Lisa Noell ('90)
  • Las Vegas Chapter, contact: Linda Linden (90)
  • Ridgecrest (China Lake) Chapter, contact: Eric Wilson ('99)
  • Santa Fe/Los Alamos Alumni Chapter, contact, Charlie Goodman ('74)
  • Tucson, contact:  Robin Campos (01)
  • London, England, contact: Nancy Bilderbeck ('76)
  • Central and northern England and Scotland, contact:  Mark Tucker ('87)

The purpose of Alumni Chapters is to:

  • Provide organizations where alumni, parents, and friends have an opportunity to create an association that provides support and intellectual and social enrichment;
  • Provide Tech with the opportunity to create a solid connection with its alumni, parents, friends, and prospective students;
  • Provide a networking resource for alumni and current Tech students possibly evolving into internships, mentorship opportunities, and chapter scholarships; and
  • Encourage support for Tech through programs such as development, student recruitment, career placement, community service, legislative advocacy, and professional expertise and encouragement.

Chapters should plan to have at least one event per year. These events could consist of scheduling a dynamic speaker, group trips to sporting events, scientific programs, and exhibits, and/or simple social gatherings as interest dictates. These events are a great way to stay in touch with old friends, develop new friendships, and support your alma mater, as well.

If you are interested in forming an alumni chapter, or want more information, contact the Alumni Office at alumni@admin.nmt.edu, or by calling (800) 428-TECH, #4, or (575) 835-5724.
Main office number: 575-835-5525