New Mexico Tech Golf Course
#1 Canyon Road
Socorro, New Mexico 87801
(575) 835-5335

Date                       Tournament                                                  Eligibility                                   

January 2014
18th                                   Anniversary Scramble                                                        Members, Staff, Faculty & Students

February 2014
8th                                     Juano Cup                                                                            Private Group Outing
15th                                   Anniversary Scramble                                                        Members, Staff, Faculty & Students
23rd                                   SMGA Event                                                                         SMGA Members        

March 2014
1st                                    SHS Boys Golf Scramble                                                    General Public
9th                                    Anniversary Scramble                                                          Members, Staff, Faculty & Students
17th-18th                        SHS Seery Invite                                                                    High School
20th                                 SWGA Border Tournament                                                  SWGA Members
23rd                                 SMGA Event                                                                            SMGA Members
24th-28th                        Topdress & Aerify                                                                  Maintenance
31st                                  Rio Rancho H.S. Invite                                                         High School

April 2014
13th                                   Anniversary Scramble                                                          Members, Staff, Faculty & Students
24th                                   SHS JV Tournament                                                             High School      
25th                                   Dr. Chen Classic                                                                  General Public    
30th                                   SWGA Spring Fling                                                               SWGA Members  

May 2014
5th                                      Mining Safety Conference                                                    Private Group Outing
5th                                      High School District-5AAAAA                                              Hobbs, Carlsbad, Alamogordo H.S. 
6th                                      ZIA Seniors                                                                             Zia Senior Member
7th-8th                               SWGA President's Cup                                                        SWGA Members
10th                                    Democratic Golf Tournament                                             General Public         
11th-13th                           State High School Championship-5AAAAA                     5AAAAA - High School Qualifiers
15th                                    Albuquerque Seniors                                                           Albuquerque Senior Golf Association 
18th                                    Junior America's Cup Qualifier                                           High School Players
24th                                    Anniversary Scramble                                                          Members, Staff, Faculty & Students
27th                                    NM Seniors Golf Association                                              NM Senior Golf Association Members

June 2014
4h-7th                               Socorro Open                                                                         General Public
10th                                   NE Seniors                                                                             NE Senior Members      
21st                                   Anniversary Scramble                                                          Members, Staff, Faculty & Students
29th                                   SMGA Event                                                                            SMGA Members

July 2014
13th                                    Anniversary Scramble                                                         Members, Staff, Faculty & Students
14th                                    Sun Country Jr. PGA (ages 7 - 12)                                    Sun Country Junior PGA Members
15th                                    Sun Country Jr. PGA (ages 13 - 18)                                  Sun Country Junior PGA Members
19th                                    San Miguel Golf Scramble                                                  General Public
27th                                    SMGA Twilight League Finale                                            SMGA Members

August 2014
10th                                    Anniversary Scramble                                                         Members, Staff, Faculty & Students
16th-17th                           Sun Country Jr. PGA Championship                               SCJPGA Members
23rd                                    Josh Kamas Memorial Tournament                               General Public
24th                                    SMGA Event                                                                           SMGA Members

September 2014
13th                                    Anniversary Scramble                                                         Members, Staff, Faculty & Students
18th-19th                           President's Golf Tournament                                           General Public
26th - 28th                         Chile Chase                                                                         General Public

October 2014
5th                                      Anniversary Scramble                                                         Members, Staff, Faculty & Students
17th                                   49ers Golf Tournament                                                       General Public
26th                                   Carlos Griego Fundraiser                                                   General Public

November 2014
1st                                       Anniversary Scramble                                                    Members, Staff, Faculty & Students
12th                           SWGA - Turkey Shoot                                      SWGA Members
16th                           SMGA Event                                                    SMGA Members
23rd                           Turkey Shoot                                                    General Public

27th                                    Closed for Thanksgiving                                                   N/A

December 2014
7th                                       Anniversary Scramble                                                        Members, Staff, Faculty & Students
25th                                     Closed for Christmas                                                        N/A

                                                        *The tournament schedule is subject to changes throughout the year.