NMT Distinguished Alumni Awards


At Commencement, the Alumni Association recognizes Tech alumni for their exceptional achievements or for service to New Mexico Tech.

 Year  Distinguished Achievement  Distinguished Service
 2010 Robert B. Blakestad McKay Pugmire
Michael Fitzgerald
 2009 Michael Provenza William Wilkinson
 2008 Bryan Ulrich Dr. J. Michael Kelly
 2007 Larry Libersky
 2005 Donald Wenner
 2004 Don Tripp
Leyla Sedillo
 2003 Ron J. Roman
 2002 William Denby Auble  Patrick Rodriguez
 2001 Roger H. Richman  Eugene O’Connor
 2000 Dr. Walter W. Fisher
David Matter
 1999 Dr. Corale Brierley  M. Michael Olguin
 1998 Dr. Stavros Papadopulos
John A. Kruppenbach
 1997 Dr. Rafi Al-Hussainy
Dr. Saul J. Escalera
 1996  Dr. Patrick M. Dhooge
 1995  Terry Wallace  Paul Shoemaker
 1994 John F. Alderete
George Atwood
 Frank T. Etscorn, III
 1993  Dennis W. Darnall  Holm Bursum, III
 1992  Gilbert R. Griswold
Axel Scherer
Larry D. Hartzhog
George H. Westbrook
 1991  Karl P. Staudhammer  William B. Macey
 1990  Earl Herkenhoff
Alan H. Cheetham
 Allen T. Paneral
 1989 Ray W. Ballmer
Eugene M. Jercinovic
Earl Herkenhoff
 1988 Jeffrey G. Clevenger
Irene E. Ryan
 1987 Etta Frances Walker Dan J. Hartmann
 1986 Bernard J. Mahoney, Sr. Glen F. Brown
 1985 John Duletsky William G. Abbott
 1984 Richard C. Anderson Franklin T. “Casey” Davis
 1983 Gene William Stockton R. Eugene Samples
 1982  Laurence Soderblom Holm O. Bursum, Jr.
 1981  Gordon Herkenhoff  Clarence Morrison

Distinguished Achievement Award for the School of Mines
This award recognizes a pre-1951 alum who has made a major contribution to his/her profession or field of interest.


Distinguished Achievement Award for New Mexico Tech
This award honors alumni who have attained extraordinary distinction and are well-respected in their professional fields and personal endeavors.

Distinguished Service Award
This award recognizes alumni or friends who have made an impact on their communities, and enhanced the influence and reputation of New Mexico Tech through their service.