Youtube Contest Winners Announced, May 13, 2008

by Colleen Guengerich, Public Information Office

SCOORRO, N.M., May 13, 2008 -- Congratulations to the winners of New Mexico Tech's Spring 2008 video contest! This spring's YouTube contest, with four entries, was a huge success, generating close to 47,500 hits on a Tech-related YouTube site. Thanks to everyone who participated!

We're going to do it again this fall! All students are invited to submit their NM Tech video to Colleen Guengerich (in the Public Information Office, Fidel Center) by mid-September. (Dates will be announced in August). Your video's focus should be to present Tech to the larger web-community. It can be ANYTHING. The only rules are no nudity, no life-threatening stunts and nothing illegal. Other than that, show YOUR life at Tech, or how YOU see Tech….etc.

The winner will be the video with the most hits between September and mid-December.

You have all summer to work on this, and we look forward to seeing your videos in the fall.

If you have questions please call Colleen at 835-5352 or email cguengerich@admin.nmt.edu