Dr. Peter Phaiah Takes Over As Title IX Coordinator

Dr. Peter Phaiah Takes Over As Title IX Coordinator

SOCORRO, N.M. – Dr. Peter Phaiah, the new Assistant V.P. of Student and University Relations, has formally taken over the role as NMT’s new Title IX Coordinator.

Phaiah joined the administration at NMT on Monday, Nov. 13. He takes over the Title IX Coordinator position from Lynn Arthur, who had been serving in an interim capacity.


Dr. Peter Phaiah


Phaiah informed campus via email that he should be the main contact for Title IX concerns. Any concerns or reports of sexual harassment, sexual violence, relationship violence, stalking, and all forms of gender- and sex-based discrimination concerning any member of our institution (students, faculty, and staff) should be promptly reported to Phaiah.

Dr. Peter Phaiah
Title IX Coordinator
Brown Hall Rm. 21A

Please utilize the email above instead of the for these Title IX types of issues. For all other purposes, people can use peter.phaiah@nmt.edu

Under Title IX, most employees at NMT are considered “Responsible Employees” and are obligated to report these issues to me, the institution’s Title IX Coordinator. There are several confidential resources available for students and employees who do not wish to have their incident reported to the Title IX Coordinator. Below are the internal and external confidential resources:


Confidential Reporting Options/Resources for NMT Students:



Confidential Reporting Options/Resources for NMT Employees:


Even if reports are initially shared with confidential resources, complainants can at any time report the incident to NMT’s Title IX Coordinator and local police for appropriate action. As the Title IX Coordinator, I can assist student and employee complainants with class, work, transportation, and housing accommodation, as needed. 

These accommodations can be offered even if the complainant does not want to pursue charges against the respondent (suspect who was reported to have perpetrated the misconduct).