NMT Hosts Science Delegation From Mexican Institute

NMT Hosts Science Delegation From Mexican Institute

SOCORRO, N.M. – New Mexico Tech hosted a delegation from the National Institute of Optics, Electronics, and Astrophysics of Mexico on Wednesday. The Research and Economic Development office led the visitors on tours of campus, the NRAO offices, the Very Large Array, and the Magdalena Ridge Observatory.


Dr. Van Romero, V.P. of Research, presents an overview of NMT's research capabilities at the beginning of Wednesday's tour of campus. 



The delegation from the National Institute of Optics, Electronics, and Astrophysics of Mexico.


Carlos Romero, associate vice president of research, organized the tour to familiarize the seven visiting scientists with New Mexico Tech’s science and research capabilities. Dr. Van Romero, Vice President of Research, opened the day with an overview of Tech’s main research divisions.

Carlos Romero said the National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics of Mexico, or INAOE, was planned with the purpose of exploring areas of mutual collaboration between NMT and INAOE researchers. He said there is mutual interested in the High Altitude Water Cherenkov Gamma-Ray Observatory and Large Millimeter Telescope.

The INAOE is a Public Investigation Center with high leadership (international level) in the field of scientific investigations. Their goal is to impulse technological and human resource development in the fields of astrophysics, optics, electronics and computer science. They are also committed to national growth through the promotion of social values, such as solidarity, creativity and competitiveness.

Carlos Romero said he hopes this visit will establish the basis of collaboration to promote inter-institutional linkage, training, professional practices and social service, stays, courses, workshops, dissemination, diplomas, consultations of all kinds, joint publications, organization and participation in congresses, forums and seminars. Additionally, the two institutes hope to develop research and technological development projects, share information services and, in general, encourage those actions that lead to the strengthening of scientific and technological work in the areas of mutual interest.

INAOE receives the majority of their funding from the Mexican Federal Government through Mexico’s equivalent of the National Science Foundation – the Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnologia (CONACYT).

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