Mechatronics Students Compete With Robot Hands

Mechanical Engineers Put Their Robot Hands To The Test

SOCORRO,N.M. – Graduate students in the Biomedical Mechatronics class competed for robot arm supremacy Friday in the Fidel Center.

  mechatronics-competition-IMG 5349

J.P. Norman uses his team's robotic hand to pick up ping pong balls and transfer them from one bowl to another. 


Ten students in MENG 576 culminated their semester by putting their robot hands to the test. They took on challenges that included picking up rings and transferring ping pong balls from one bowl to another.

Divided into four teams, Dr. David Grow challenged the student to design and build prosthetic arms that would accomplish dexterous tasks, fine motor skills engagement and gross motor skills missions.

After the competition, Grow praised all of the graduate students for a job well done and for their creativity and ingenuity.

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