Electrical Engineer Wins Top Prize For His Invention

Electrical Engineer Wins Top Prize For His Invention

Andrew Miller Presents Device To Extend Battery Life

SOCORRO, N.M. – New Mexico Tech senior Andrew Miller was selected the top winner at the 2017 Wolves Den, the final event of the Second Annual Inventors and Entrepreneurs Workshop at New Mexico Tech on April 7 and 8.

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Andrew Miller poses with his oversized check for $5,000 for winning the Wolves Den competition. At left is Larry Udell, co-organizer of the event. At right is Dr. Stephen Wells, president of New Mexico Tech.


Miller, an electrical engineering major, presented his business plan for “Bringing Dead Batteries to Life.” For winning the Wolves Den competition, Miller receives the top award of $5,000. All prizes were sponsored by the Kaufmann Foundation of Kansas City.

Miller has devised a solution that will significantly extend battery life by using that wasted energy left in “dead” batteries. He has developed and patented a circuit that automatically engages a voltage boosting circuit that allows “dead” batteries to continue powering electronics.

While this circuit is limited to powering low-current electronics because of the way it operated, there are numerous applications such as LED flashlights, controllers, remote sensors, military applications, and satellites in which these circuits could significantly extend battery life. This technology can extend battery life by upwards of 10 to 20 percent while being very inexpensive to produce.

John Orlos, a resident of Socorro, won second place and $3,500 for his FLIP-RAKE concept. The FLIP-RAKE is a innovative design that makes raking easier than traditional rakes. The FLIP-RAKE cuts time and costs due to having both types of rakes in your hand and not have to go get another rake to do the job that the FLIP-RAKE can do by just flipping rake over. The FLIP-RAKE can be manufactured in any style and size. Orlos has filed for a patent pending.

Peter DeSimone, an alumnus of New Mexico Tech, won third place and $1,000 for his invention he calls the MuzzleSafe. DeSimone’s invention is a proximity safety for firearms that disables fire when the firearm is in the “point blank” range. The importance of such a device is that it will drastically reducing the probability of a tragic accident, while still facilitating normal target practice.  MuzzleSafe provides a safety net that could prevent the vast majority of accidental gun deaths, of which over 500 are recorded annually in the United States, he said.

Other contenders in the Wolves Den this year included a team of students from Luna Community College in Las Vegas, N.M., and a Socorro resident. The Luna team of Raul Flores Ramirez, John Noel, Eric Sandoval, Charles Wells presented an Ion-Propelled Drone. Wacinque Amistad Kaizen BeMende of Socorro presented a novel long-term asset management account.

The two-day Inventors and Entrepreneurs Workshop featured nearly a dozen special sessions, including keynote speakers, New Mexico success stories, panel discussion, and social events. For more information on the event, visit management.nmt.edu/invent.

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