MythBusters Reaches Out to NM Tech Community

Mythbusters Reboot Reaches Out to NM Tech Community
Science Channel looking for New Mexico Tech students, staff & alumni to host reboot

SOCORRO, NM – The Science Channel has reached out to longtime partner New Mexico Tech in its search for a new set of hosts for a reboot of its popular MythBusters show. The new show, titled The Next MythBusters, will feature a reality-show format that will determine who the new hosts will be for the next MythBusters program.

New Mexico Tech has a long relationship with the popular Discovery Channel’s MythBusters program. Even though the show aired its series finale on March 5 of this year, the show’s producers not only intend to continue their relationship with New Mexico Tech, they have even bigger plans in mind.


The Science Channel has reached out specifically to New Mexico Tech students, graduates, staff, and alumni to submit an entry to be one of the Next MythBusters. The new show will be a reality show in which 15 contestants will be whittled down to 3-4 finalists throughout the run of the show to determine who will be the next hosts of a MythBusters relaunch.

The deadline to submit an entry is May 21.


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