Info Session Sets Stage For Inventors Workshop

SOCORRO, N.M. February 5, 2016 – New Mexico Tech has set an information session in advance of the First Annual Inventors and Entrepreneurs Workshop. Dr. Peter Anselmo of the Management Department will host the  information session at 4 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 18, in Cramer 123. The session will also be broadcast using Tech’s distance education capabilities. 

Those interested in attending the session using their computer (and a reasonably fast internet connection) may log in at http://breeze.nmt.edu/emgtseminar/.  Participants can just click on the link and follow the instructions.

“We want to make sure that inventors from within the Tech campus community and also from Socorro County as a whole know about this great opportunity to get feedback about the commercialization potential of their ideas,” Anselmo said. “We will have a group of investors from within and outside New Mexico, and they are very interested in Tech and learning about Tech research that might have investment potential.  I think they are also interested in possible investment opportunities outside of Tech and inside Socorro County.”

During the hour-long information session, Anselmo will explain the process for applying to present at the Inventors Workshop, which will be April 15 and 16, in the Fidel Center. 

The April event is two days devoted to creativity and personal success. The workshop is intended to facilitate the progression of ideas from conception to market.

The event will culminate with New Mexico Tech’s own “Wolves’ Den,” which is similar to the popular Shark Tank television show. Inventors will present their ideas to a panel of successful, experienced investors and entrepreneurs. Presenters will be selected based on invention summaries submitted to a New Mexico Tech committee.

“Another purpose of the information session is to provide information and answer questions about the Wolves Den,” Anselmo said. “While workshop attendees will have the opportunity to interact with other inventors and with potential investors during the event, the Wolves Den provides an opportunity for inventors to showcase their ideas in front of our panel of Wolves - all of whom are interested in investing.” (?)

This competition, which requires an application (details are on the website) is open to all New Mexico students and Socorro County residents. To apply to be a presenter or to register to attend, visit the website at http://management.nmt.edu/invent/. The deadline to apply to present is Sunday, Feb. 29. 

The event kicks off Friday, April 15, with three keynote talks and two panel discussions. The first day concludes with a Western barbecue dinner. Participants will be treated to a special keynote address from Martin Cooper, the inventor of the cell phone. Cooper was a senior engineer at Motorola in 1973 when he made the first call from a mobile phone.

The session on Saturday, April 16, includes a panel discussion and a keynote talk by Bob Parker, former Livermore Lab engineer and multi-millionaire inventor and investor with more than 80 patents.

After a lunch break, the final  event kicks off – the Wolves’ Den. Presenters will be competing for funding and/or legal in-kind services that may be used to advance their innovation to commercialization. The Wolves’ Den panel is set to consist of six members who are prominent investors and early- stage commercialization experts who come from New Mexico, New York City, and Palo Alto, Calif.

– NMT –