Math Placement (2)

Mathematics courses are an important component for ALL majors at New Mexico Tech.  Because students come with a wide variety of math backgrounds, the Mathematics Department has a Math Placement process to ensure that students begin their program in the appropriate mathematics course their first semester.

 Initial Math placement is based on the following:

Math Component
Math Component
Math Course
30 or above 670 or above  MATH 131
Calculus and Analytic Geometry

26-29 590-660 MATH 104

21-25 500-580 Pre-Calculus - Math 103

≤20 ≤490 MATH 101
College Algebra


AP Credit AP Score NMT Math Placement
Calc AB or BC 3 2 Elective credits, proceed directly
into Math 131
Calc AB or BC 4-5 Credit for Math 131, procees directly into Math 132



If you have placed into MATH 101, MATH 103, or MATH 104 and believe that you should have been placed into a more advanced class, you may request to take an OPTIONAL on-line math placement test.  To register for the test, contact:  mathplacement@nmt.edu".

There is no higher placement than Math 131 with this exam.

 We understand that you may have AP Credit, College/Dual Credit that may allow you to register for a more advanced math class. Changes can only be made to your class schedule after OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS or the OFFICIAL AP SCORE have been received.



Courses taken at another college or university can transfer to New Mexico Tech. These include Dual Credit Classes. An earned grade of “C” or better is required to receive transfer credit. Transfer credit can only be granted after NM Tech has received an OFFICIAL transcript from the college or university and an evaluation has been completed by the Office of the Registrar at New Mexico Tech.