International Student Admissions (2)


New Mexico Tech is an excellent choice for international students. Our research and study programs are highly regarded and our faculty cultivate many international contacts. Our weather is excellent and the air is clean. Both the cost of living and our tuition and fees are unusually low. Our small campus - in a small friendly town - enjoys an excellent safety record and provides a great environment for serious study and research.

Are you "international" or "domestic"?

International students (in the United States on a non-immigrant visa such as F or J, or in the process of becoming a permanent resident), please see:

    International Undergraduate Admission (B.S. degree)

    International Graduate Admission (pdf) (M.S. - M.S.T - M.E.M - Ph.D. degree)

Domestic Students (U.S. citizens or confirmed permanent residents holding a “green card” or the “Temporary I-551” stamp in the passport), please see:

    Undergraduate Admission (B.S. degree)

    Graduate Admission (M.S. - M.S.T - M.E.M - Ph.D. degree)

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