Top Athletic Awards Go To Dozal, Beaudry

SOCORRO, N.M. April 30, 2010 – Carla Dozal and Royce Beaudry are the New Mexico Tech Sportswoman and Sportsman of the Year for 2009-2010.

The announcements were made at the first sport club banquet in modern times, staged at the Tech Golf Course on Sunday, April 25. With more than 100 students, staff and faculty members in attendance, outstanding members of all 14 Tech sport clubs were recognized.

  Melissa Begay and Sportswoman of the Year Carla Dozal.

Vice President for Research and Economic Development Dr. Van Romero delivered the keynote address, which was an interesting and amusing look into Tech sports history. In another life Dr. Romero is an accomplished high school and collegiate sports referee. As a Techie in the late 1970s, Romero was a four-year member of the Tech rugby team as well.

Other attractions included a contest on the adjacent putting green hosted by the Golf Course, and an action-packed slide show of sport club activities.

Dozal is president and plays goalie for the women's Minerette soccer club. Beaudry is head captain of the Pygmies Rugby Club. Both are working toward degrees in mechanical engineering. Sportswoman of the Year Carla Dozal said she values not only the fun she has competing with the soccer club.

“It’s also a great stress reliever for me," she said.

A graduate of West Mesa High School in Albuquerque, Carla keeps busy organizing members of the team and handling relations with the Albuquerque Soccer League in which the team competes, while not studying or blocking shots for the Minerettes.

  Club sports director Dave Wheelock, Sportsman of the Year Royce Beaudry, Melissa Begay and runner-up Nick Aldalpe.


“Without her keeping track of the league requirements I don’t know if the girls would have even had a fall season in AWSL,” said Minerettes’ coach Brad Winton. 

Sportsman Royce Beaudry hails from Napa, Calif. Besides developing superior rugby skills since his introduction to the game in 2006, Royce maintains the highest level of fitness and has transformed himself into an inspirational leader on and off the rugby field.

In the words of a teammate, “I feel that I have benefited tremendously from having been able to play with him, and get to know him as a person.”

The Tech Sport Club program serves a diverse range of interests, as reflected in additional awards presented to members of 14 clubs. Honorees were recognized by their peers for contributions ranging from Outstanding Cricketer to Tech Tonic Rally Award (women's and men's volleyball clubs) to Iron Shooter (Shooting Sports club).

Tech's Climbing club gave out a plaque for Best Flapper, a climbing term descriptive of flesh wounds occasionally suffered on the vertical field of play. The sport club program, administered by the Department of Physical Recreation, also presents funding and opportunities for enthusiasts of Caving, Fencing, Golf, Martial Arts, Paintball, Rugby, Shooting, Soccer and Tennis. 

Motivations for participation are varied among sport club members. Often-cited benefits are individual improvement, teamwork, travel, competition, fitness, and above all, friendships. Although some participants may not realize it while in the midst of the enjoyment of their sport, lifelong habits of wellness are also a potential benefit.

 The Climbing Club award winner Peter Dickens, gym director Melissa Begay, award winner Julian Chapout and club president Keith Thomas.
 The Shooting Sports Club award winners: club sports director Dave Wheelock, club president Seth Price, winner T.J. Chavez, winner Hunter Waters and gym director Melissa Begay.
The Tennis Club: Dave Wheelock, winner Babatunde Adeyale, club president Hani Barghout, winner Kristen Martinez and Melissa Begay.
Women's Volleyball club: Dave Wheelock, coach Chelsea Buffington, winner Lindsay Snyder, winner Dorella Molina and Melissa Begay.

Caving Club

  •     Service Award: David Hunter
  •     Outstanding Caver: Jeff Jackson

Climbing Club

  •     Most Dedicated -- Peter Dickens
  •     Best Flapper – Crystal Anderson
  •     Best Abs -- Julian Chapout

Cricket Club

  •     Service Award: Ashish Mishra         
  •     Outstanding Cricketer: Amit Garg

Fencing Club

  •     Service Award: Bob Collins
  •     Outstanding Fencer: Jonathan Zimmerman

Golf Club

  •     Most Dedicated: Jimmy Goldberger

Martial Arts Club

  •     Service Award: William Pickett
  •     Outstanding Proponent: Jason Kooi

Paintball Club

  •     Service Award: Joel Saddoris 
  •     Best Paintballer: Rico Echeverria

Pygmy Rugby Club

  •     President’s Award for Service – James Chavez
  •     Leadership Award – Dustin Webb

Shooting Sports Club

  •     New Leadership – T.J. Chavez
  •     Iron Shooter:  Hunter Waters

Men’s Soccer Club

  •     Miner Award – Joey Gallegos
  •     Most Dedication – Patrick Smith

Women’s Soccer Club

  •     Best Attitude – Megan Rosebrough
  •     Sacrifice Award - Jade Horton

Tennis Club

  •     Most Dedicated Club Member: Kristen Martinez
  •     Most Improved Player: Babatunde Adeyale

Women’s Volleyball Club

  •     Most Improved Player - Lindsay Snyder
  •     Tech Tonic Rally Award - Dorella Molina

Men’s Volleyball Club

  •     Most Improved Player - Jed Rembold
  •     Tech Tonic Rally Award - David Anderson

– NMT –

By Dave Wheelock/Club Sport Coordinator