Student Appreciation Awards Open For Nominations

SOCORRO, N.M. February 25, 2011 -- The campus committee is now accepting nominations for the 2011 Student Appreciation Awards return at New Mexico Tech. The official nomination form is now online.

Director of Student Services Chelsea Buffington said the awards are designed to recognize those students who show leadership, volunteerism, community interest and other non-academic successes. The deadline for submissions is Friday, March 11.

“These students are rarely acknowledged for their contributions,” she said. “The Student Appreciation Awards recognize our outstanding students who go above and beyond the call of duty. Among Techies, we have individuals who selflessly serve their fellow students and their communities. This is our chance to let these champions know that their efforts are noticed.”

The 2010 honorees were Victor Briseño, Zahra Ghanbari, Shanker Muraleedharan, Premchendar Nandhikonda and Austin Silva. The organizational award winner was the Residential Hall Association.

Faculty and staff members are encouraged to nominate students who demonstrate exemplary performance, club service, volunteer tutoring, mentorship, leadership or volunteer work.

The winners will be honored at a special dinner in early May.

The official criteria call for nominees to have demonstrated contributions to the Tech or Socorro communities through generosity of spirit and performance above and beyond the call of duty within the last 12 months. Student nominees must also be in good academic standing. Nominations are also open to student organizations or clubs.

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