John P. Myatt Memorial Scholarship

John P. Myatt received a bachelor's degree in geology in 1928. He was a basketball player from Passaic, New Jersey, recruited by President Wells to play on the School of Mines basketball team. His interest in academics was secondary to his interest in sports, but after he graduated and began working for an oil company, the Depression hit.

"I saw men walking the streets with four kids, nothing to eat, and no work," he told an interviewer in 1985. "I realized then that I couldn't depend on any company - I had to get into a field where I could depend on myself."

The next six years were the toughest of Myatt's life. During the day, he attended medical school at the University of Southern California, while at night he worked for Getty Oil in Long Beach. The long hours paid off for him, though.

"In 1939, before I completed my internship at the Los Angeles County Hospital, I received a call from the New York Yankees to go to their farm team in Oakland as the team doctor." Myatt's career as a sports doctor later took him to Kansas City, Missouri.

Myatt eventually settled in Whittier, Calif., where he established a practice with his wife Audrey, a nurse.

In Jan., 1993, after Myatt's death, his widow Audrey P. Myatt established a memorial scholarship in his name. The requirements were that the recipient meet the qualifications for a Presidential Scholarship and be a geology major. The same student was to be supported by the fund until s/he graduated.


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