Macey Scholars

The Macey Scholars Program was established by William (42, BS, petroleum engr.) and Jean Macey, longtime benefactors of New Mexico Tech. Its purpose is to recognize Tech students whose accomplishments in the classroom and/or research laboratory combined with participation in institutional service and other co-curricular activities bring credit to themselves and to New Mexico Tech. Those honored exemplify the spirit of Tech, and they will be among the next generation of leaders for New Mexico and the nation.

2002, Elizabeth Fernandez Named Macey Scholar

2002, Jared Harrington Crossley

2002, Bonnie Wayne

2001, James W. Caruthers and Lisa Marie Edwards

2000-01, Jeffrey Arbuckle, Samantha Clise, Sean Danby, Lewis Gillard, Mary Harper, Jeremy Jensen, Benjamin Leiting, Javier Olivares, Michael Stock, Prisca Werbelow
1999, Alan Aspinwall, David Bonal, Josh Crook
1997-98, Ueyn Block
1996-97, Jennifer Knowlton, Vincent Fusconi
1995-96, Sandra Powell, H. Kirk Jones, Evangeline M. Knecht
1994-95, Sean E. Hatch
1993-94, Daniel A. Davis
1992-93, Nikhilesh Chawla
1991-92, Steven W. Deiker and Travis Shaw
1990-91, Ashley D. Walker
1988-89, Carter Grotbeck

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