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Re: Nomination of Guglielmo Fucci for the Langmuir Award
I would like to nominate the following paper for the Langmuir Award:
Authors: I. G. Avramidi and G. Fucci, Title: Non-perturbative Heat Kernel Asymptotics on Homogeneous Abelian Bundles, Journal: Communications in Mathematical Physics (2009), DOI: 10.1007/s00220-009-0804-6, 35 pages
This paper was submitted on October 28, 2008, accepted on January 9, 2009, and published online first on April 7, 2009, (with the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) given above); it will appear in print soon. The journal Communications in Mathematical Physics is one of the top international journal in physics, in fact, it is the number one journal in mathematical physics. This journal is published by Springer and has the impact factor of 2.282.
This paper is devoted to the development of new non-perturbative asymptotic anal­ysis of Laplace type elliptic operators on manifolds and the study of the physical consequences in quantum field theory and quantum gravity. The paper is on the cutting edge of an important area in mathematical physics. It is a highly technical paper that is 35 pages long. It was very quickly accepted in a top journal without any revisions. Even though the paper realizes some of my old ideas and uses cer­tain mathematical tools of dierential geometry and geometric analysis that were developed in my earlier works, the major part of all technical calculations were
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April 20, 2009
performed by Guglielmo. I am proud to say that Guglielmo has mastered the nec­essary powerful technical skills to be able to perform these cutting-edge analytical calculations.
I rate Guglielmo Fucci to be one of the brightest and methodical young people working in the field of heat kernel asymptotics, and, more generally, mathematical physics. He was the driving force in many of our joint projects and conducted a major part of necessary calculations. I strongly believe that he will continue to do work that is on the cutting edge of mathematical physics (including geometric analysis, quantum field theory and quantum gravity).
Guglielmo has an impressive research record. He already had two papers and two conference proceedings before coming to New Mexico Tech. Here at New Mex­ico Tech, he published 5 papers, all in top international journals like Classical and Quantum Gravity, Communications in Mathematical Physics, General Rela­tivity and Gravitation and submitted a paper to Journal of Mathematical Physics. Guglielmo successfully defended his PhD thesis on April 3, 2009, and has got an oer for a postdoc position at Baylor University starting in August 2009.
Guglielmo has strong service record as well. He has been the graduate TA for the NMT physics department. He gave two colloquium lectures at Tech and par­ticipated in a conference organized by the Graguate Student Association. He was also a judge for the Graduate Student Association Student Research Con­ference. He regularly reviews papers for the journal “Mathematical Reviews” and is a member of American Mathematical Society. Last year Guglielmo won the Albert Petschek Award in Theoretical Physics of the NMT physics department.
Finally, Guglielmo Fucci is the kind of a very dynamic person, he is energetic, worldly, social and cooperative. It is a pure pleasure to discuss physics, mathe­matics or anything else with him. I give him my highest recommendation.
Ivan Avramidi Professor of Mathematics
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