Wireless Networking

The New Mexico Tech Wireless Network serves wireless access services in all major academic locations and some of the open areas around campus.

Map of Wireless Coverage Area

Map of Wireless Coverage on Google Maps

Available Wireless Networks

There are three available wireless networks available in all locations:

NMT-ENCRYPTED-WPA-WPA2 -- This is the recommended network for wireless access. It provides fully encrypted connections from start to finish.  It allows for roaming and the credentials can be saved for nearly seamless access.
NMT-UNENCRYPTED-WEB-LOGIN -- An unencrypted network provided for guests and clients that cannot configure their devices for encryption.  It allows for authentication via a simple (encrypted) web page interface.  The only part of this network that uses encryption is the initial login page and thus provides no protection for your data.  It is not recommended for normal usage for several reasons:
  • It is unencrypted and accidental data exposure over this network can happen more easily (say if you forget to use encryption on your own). 

  •  It doesn't roam.  When you move from radio to radio, you must re-authenticate.

  •  It won't remember your connection settings and you'll need to login each time you use it.

NMT-ENCRYPTED-MACOS-WPA-TKIP -- This network is recommended for clients that can do encryption, but whose hardware gets confused by all the options available on the WPA-WPA2 network.  Some MACOS clients, PDAs and game systems require a network with a simplified encryption scheme.  This network is provided to allow these devices to use the encrypted network more easily.

This network still provides a fully encrypted connection from start to finish.  It allows for roaming and the credentials can be saved for nearly seamless access.

WARNING: No other network is supported by ITC and you should never give out your credentials to them.

Guest Access Information

Currently guest access is limited to sponsored guests.  Any department can sponsor guests by setting up a sponsored guest account with Information Technology and Communications (ITC).

Currently the only departments that are set up to deliver guest access are the New Mexico Tech Library, ITC, and Macey.


Upon logging in a Pop-Up window will appear that you can be left in the back-ground. When you wish to logout click the link in the Pop-Up window.

If Pop-Ups are blocked there will be a URL on the authorization screen that will allow you to log out (of this particular session), and a "browse to" link that points to the location to which you were originally navigating. You can save the WebAAA link to logout later.

If that window gets closed or you just want to manually logout of the wireless system, then navigate to:

Wireless Connection FAQ

Having trouble connecting to the encrypted wireless networks?  See the following quick start guides.

Windows 7 quick start

Windows 8 quick start (may also be helpful for Windows 7 and 8.1)

Windows 8.1 quick start

For more detailed information on the wireless networks see:

Windows (XP) (Vista) (Windows 7)