Dorm Phones

Telephones are no longer standard in dorm rooms. However, student dorm phone service can be purchased from ISD.

Price list:
Service                                           Cost
   Installation                                    fees currently waived
   Basic phone service                   $23/month (includes voicemail, call forwarding, three way calling, and handset maintenence.)                  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to pay for phone service? I live in the dorms, but I have my own cell phone.
No. This is an optional service.

Why can't I use my own handset and answering machine?

The dorms have been outfitted with new, digital phone lines. These phone lines only work with the phones we provide.

What kinds of phones do you provide?

The Avaya 6408 phone is the only phone available at this time.

What should I do if my phone breaks?
For normal wear and tear, the replacement is free. However, if we determine the damage to the phone is outside normal wear and tear, you will be billed for the replacement of the phone.

Are the phone numbers for the dorm rooms going to stay the same?
From now on, the phone numbers will stay the same. However, if you would like a phone number to follow you if/when you change rooms, you can take the phone and phone number with you.  If you are moving and you have a phone from ISD, please let us know. The first installation is free, but you will be charged a phone number relocation fee.

Does basic service include long distance calls?
No. Long distance calls are additional. You must have a TAC number to make a long distance call, and you will be charged on a per call basis. See the long distance price page for more information. You can use your TAC number to make a long distance call from any phone on campus.

I have a roommate. Can we split the cost of the phone?

One person must assume the financial responsibility for payment of the phone charges. If the phone is going to be shared, then each person should have a TAC number so the long distance charges can be billed appropriately.

I have the phone installed, how do I access my voicemail?
The phone manual is located here, Audix Quick Reference.

I'm leaving for the summer or moving off campus. Do I need to do anything?
Yes!  Please notify ISD so we can turn off your phone service and stop billing your account.


If you have any problems with your phone, please call ISD at x5700.