New Computer Setup

This page describes the cost and workings of a new PC install on the administrative network. This does not cover "upgrades".

The pricing for a new PC (out of the box from a manufacturer) is a standard five hour fee for setup and install.
(ex. Current Price x 5 = your price).

This includes the setup and install of all of the hardware (unless there is something unusual or strange) and all of the standard software (Windows 2000 sp-2, MS Office 97 professional, McAfee Anti-Virus, Sessions, Netscape, and (if wanted) WP 5.2).

Standard five hour fee + extra time + any other extra material = your price

The following is what you get and what we do.

Initial Setup
    Check packing slip against all shipped components. This includes all licensing for Windows and Office Pro products.
    Unpack and install every component. Make sure all components "fit" and do not conflict with each other.
    Test every hardware and software component. Speakers, mouse, keyboard, etc. Make no assumptions.

If there are any problems with the above, it is the manufacturer's problem. If there are any problems contact the customer and explain the problem with the computer. Give them the option of dealing with the manufacturer themselves or having us do it for them. If we have to deal with the manufacturer, then we will start billing for the time it takes us to get a working computer. As soon as we get a system that is OK we will go back off the clock and resume the setup for the standard scheduled cost.

If the customer has already setup the PC or removed it from it's packaging ISD will not be responsible for any missing or broken hardware.  The customer will be responsible for calling the manufacturer and getting any problems solved.


ISD Setup
    List what other software was on old computer that needs to be installed on the new computer

_____________________________,   _____________________________,  _____________________________,   _____________________________,  _____________________________,   _____________________________,  _____________________________,   _____________________________,  _____________________________,   _____________________________,  _____________________________,   _____________________________.

User not available to ask or user doesn't know

    Create a backup of the old PC (if there is one).  If the customer wants to be responsible for the restoration of files they must sign here:

Customer responsible for re-installation of data files:

X:_______________________________    Date: _________________________
    If the disk is not a single partition with 32 bit fat then make it have one (or not see below)
    Save all drivers needed (Video, CD-ROM, Sound Card, etc.)
    Fdisk the hard drive removing any partitions  --OR--   Customer wants multiple partitions
    Create a single, bootable, NTFS partition  --OR--   Customer wants multiple partitions
    Re-Install Windows  --OR--  Customer wants multiple partitions
    Install all drivers needed for all cards
    Network Card Drivers
    Drivers for the card
    Microsoft Client:
    Computer Name: user name (e.g. jsmith)
    Workgroup: NMTADM
    Domain: NMTADM
    IP Address: 129.138._____.______
    Subnet Mask:
    Default Gateway: 129.138.______.254
    Computer name: user name (e.g. jsmith)______________
    Domain name:
    Domain name servers: and
    Remove NetBEUI protocol (Don't remove until TCP/IP is installed)
    CD-ROM Drivers
    Sound Card Drivers
    Video Card Drivers
    Any Other Drivers:_________________________________________________
    Install all software needed for the computer.
    Install Microsoft Office 97 Professional (or later) on the local hard drive
    Install Sessions
    Create a HP/Admin config and shortcut
    Create a HP/El Burro config and shortcut
    Netscape 4.77
    Check ALL software and hardware components.
    MS Office 97
    HP Admin
    HP El Burro
    TCC Rainbow
    Install printers (if known)
    Change IP address/Gateway to user's real IP and gateway (if other was used during testing).
    Restore all of the data from the old PC to the new PC in a directory called c:\oldmach (if applicable).

Setup a time to deliver the computer to the customer (coordinate with support staff to meet you there).


Post Delivery
    Setup computer
    Check ALL software and hardware components.
    MS Word
    MS Access 97
    MS Access 2.0
    MS Excel
    MS PowerPoint
    HP Admin
    HP El Burro
    TCC Rainbow
    Check networking and logins
    NT Domain: NMTADM
    Ping netpeep
    Install Beyond Mail and CaLANdar
    Map \\admin_mail\sys to M: and also to N:. Make sure that they are permanent connections.

Make sure that you do this when you are logged in as the "end user".
    Create Shortcut to M:\bmail\program\bmailw.exe and name it "Beyond Mail"
    Install CaLANdar
    Run "n:\cal\setup\setup"
    Select "client install"
    Click "Ignore" twice.
    Select "user name" from list, or type in the users name (e.g. "Smith, Jeff")
    Select OK.
    Select Exit.
    If user wants these to autorun put them in the startup folder, otherwise create a folder.

Remember, that CaLANdar installs into the "startup" folder by default. If they don't want it to autorun, then move it to a different folder.
    Train users to change the password properly.
    Answer any questions that they may have and have them OK your departure.

This is only for this PC install. You don't have to solve all of their problems...


Other Programs

Note: all of this is billable and the end user should be notified of this before you start. This is NOT part of the standard fee.
    Install any other programs that the user wants/requires.
    Check that the new installs do not interfere with any of the other required programs (Office 97).


This certifies that the initial setup was performed to full extent as described above.

ISD Setup Signature:________________________________________


This signature certifies that the system was delivered and installed as per the customer's specifications.

Post Delivery Signature:____________________________________


This signature certifies that the system was configured to run any other programs that the user wants.

Number of hours extra needed: ______________ hours.

Other Program Signature:____________________________________


This signature certifies that the end user is satisfied that the work was done satisfactorily.

End User Signature:_________________________________________

Otherwise give reasons how/why you feel that it was not: