Meet New Mexico Tech's Transfer Student Ambassadors!

These students have volunteered to help prospective transfer students with questions ranging from which classes to take to where to live and everything in between, so feel free to contact them!

Castillo S. Griego
CastilloMajor/Minor: Mechanical Engineering, minor in Hispanic Studies

Previous college: Luna Community College

Favorite classes/projects at NMT: Spanish reading and comprehension

Extracurricular activities: Swing Dance Club, ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), Grace Life, Tau Beta Pi (National Engineering Honor Society)

Why I chose NMT: I choose NMT due to the small class sizes, the quality of education, and the cost of attending compared to other universities.

My advice for students considering transferring to NMT: I would say don't be intimidated by the thought that "all the smart kids go there, and I don't think I can do it" because in reality they are just like you and me; believe me, I know. Also don't let thoughts of changing universities cross your mind in the first semester. I would also recommend joining a club or even several as a way to unwind. I found having these kind of events going on during the week help to relieve tension. Lastly when going about doing your homework don't forget to take breaks and relax, trying to jam everything in one go is not the best idea, at least for me.

Michael Herman
MikeMajor: Atmospheric Physics

Previous colleges: Santa Fe Community College and Delgado Community College in New Orleans

Favorite classes/projects at NMT: PHYS 221 and 222, atmospheric convection, atmospheric remote sensing, and yoga

Extracurricular activities: Raising a toddler, hiking, and traveling

Why I chose NMT: I heard good things about NMT and I was able to take three years of classes on a Phi Theta Kappa scholarship, based on my grades at SFCC. A friend and study partner at SFCC originally gave me the idea to come to Tech.

My advice for students considering transferring to NMT: I admit that coming to NMT from a community college was intimidating. I found many of the courses quite challenging. However, I also found a lot of other students who felt the same way. Don't feel intimidated. I think that perspective just adds stress and makes things more difficult. Keep in mind that the college experience presents a range of many different challenges to students and also that your strength is another's weakness. If you see something at NMT that interests you, go for it!


Tonya Ross
TonyaMajor: Petroleum Engineering

Previous college: Prince George's Community College in Maryland

Favorite classes/projects at NMT: My favorite classes are Production Drilling and a few other Petroleum classes

Extracurricular activities: NMT Rugby, Society of Women Engineers, Society of Petroleum Engineers

Why I chose NMT: NMT was a very small and inexpensive school

My advice for students considering transferring to NMT: Be ready to work hard!



Estevan Trujillo
EstevanMajor/Minor: Mechanical Engineering, minor in Biomedical Engineering

Previous college: Northern New Mexico College

Favorite classes/projects at NMT: Junior/Senior Design, physical recreation classes, and any class with Drs. Grow and Kerr

Extracurricular activities: SHPE (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers), ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)

Why I chose NMT: To be challenged academically, better job opportunities, and preparation for graduate school.

My advice for students considering transferring to NMT: Work hard but enjoy your work. Choose your major wisely.