Saddle stitching

We can saddle stitch booklets up to 200 pages (50 sheets). Our new machine folds the booklet, and then trims it, giving it a neat edge.



Our new folding unit can fold in six ways: center-fold, letter fold in, letter fold out, double parallel fold, z fold, and gatefold.


Hole punching

We can hole punch anything from 2 to 4 holes with variable positioning to match any pre-purchased binders.


Staple finishing

Our finisher can automatically staple up to 100 sheets of paper at a time, in one of four positions: horizontal corner, horizontal 2 point, vertical corner or vertical 2 point. It also trims the excess length from stapes and folds the extra ends in for a nice, clean finish.


Perfect binding

We can now offer perfect binding! We can make booklets up to 300 sheets (600 pages) in length, and our machine trims the cover sheet to match the inside pages. We can produce perfect binding in high volumes, if needed.


We still offer comb and coil binding.