Our Learning Coaches



Claudio Gonzales


My name is Claudio Gonzales, and I'm a Junior. I do math. Also sometimes
I code and think about physics. Come see me if you want help with any of
your math classes, physics 221/222, or any introductory (that's 100-level)
computer science course... or if you just feel like chatting about general
relativity, gauge theories, quantum computing, nonlinear dynamical
systems, geometric analysis on manifolds, or fractal art.

Flannery Norton


I'm for Chemistry 109.
My name is Flannery Norton, I am a junior here at Tech, and a bio major.
I have worked on a lot of Computer Science projects (ironic, yes) and also research involving Ecology. I've also been an Emergency Medical Technician for three years.

Kayla Engstrom


My name is Kayla Engstrom. I am a senior at tech pursuing my Bachelor's degree in
Biology with minors in mathematics and chemistry. I like using computer programming
to conduct genetic research and learning new languages. I also love working out and
cooking! Come see me if you need help with biology, math, chemistry, English,
physics or Spanish or just to say hi! :-)

Richard Cottrel


I am Richard Cottrell, a Sophomore Civil Engineering student. I was in the Spaceship
Earth LLC, which researched lichen in the Capitan Mountains. This year I am
continuing to work with Dr. Boston and the LLC, and I look forward to our new

Jason Sharkey


I am a senior Chemical Engineering student. I transferred from a community
college in Pasadena California where I grew up. I love cooking for my
friends and Google chatting with my girlfriend in Los Angeles. I am always
available if you have questions about how to survive college, apply to
grad school, making your own fun in a small town, or whatever. I tutor
chemistry, math, general engineering and Matlab.

Tyler Werne


My name is Tyler Werne. I am a mathematics and Electrical Engineering
double major considering a minor in physics. I am a sophomore at Tech and
am going to turn 20 in a month. I am currently hoping to get an internship
at GE this summer.

Emily Matthias

EmilyMatthias - OSL

I am a Junior Mech. E student who just transferred from San Juan College in Farmington, NM. I tutor Thermodynamics and the calculus series. During the summer I interned in the Hydrology department for a study on pyrogenic black carbon transport.

Ashley Lochetto


Ashley Lochetto is a senior mechanical engineering student who is minoring in explosives engineering and plans to work in the defense industry after graduation. Ashley is a member of the Space Flight LLC team as well as a member of the Explosive Device Manufacturing Design Team. In previous semesters, Ashley has served as the Event Coordinator and student representative for the NMT chapter of ASME as well as serving as the student administrative aide for Dr. Van Romero, NMT VP of Research and Economic Development.  In rare spare time, Ashley enjoys the outdoors, spending time wakeboarding, snowboarding, hunting, fishing and camping in the wilderness throughout New Mexico and Colorado.

 Ben Lindsey


I am a fifth year student here at NMT. I am working on two bachelor’s degrees, one in Mechanical engineering and the second in Mineral engineering. I plan to graduate in May 2015. I have enjoyed my time here at Tech, but the time spent with the LLC has been some of the best I have experienced in my college career.

In my free time I enjoy outdoor sports of any type, from horseback riding to shooting to hiking, being outside is one of the things I love the most.

 Cassanda Rodarte


Hello. My name is Cassandra Rodarte. I am a junior at New Mexico Tech dual majoring in biology and psychology and minoring in chemistry.  Currently, I am part of Alpha Sigma Kappa as well as Gracelife Fellowship Group. Additionally, I am secretary for Engineers without Borders, treasurer for Tri Beta Biology Club, and a Judicial Board Member for ASK. In the future, I hope to be a part of the 5-year Master’s in Biology program and obtain three degrees in 5-years. Additionally, after I graduate I plan to attend a post-secondary school such as pharmacy school, medical school, or law school (I haven’t decided which yet.). My specialties include chemistry (through Chem 122), math (through Calc 2), english (through Eng 341) as well as any basic biology and psychology courses. I greatly enjoy working with people and I look forward to working with you and helping you learn throughout this semester!