1889 Society



1889 Society

On average, a person will work more than forty years to accumulate assets, spend ten years conserving what has been earned, and
yet spend less than two hours planning for the distribution of those assets. Without a plan in place, surviving family members and
friends can be burdened with the financial disasters at a delicate time.

You can provide your family and friends with peace of mind by implementing an estate plan. When you notify New Mexico Tech that
the University is named as the beneficiary of a gift through your estate, or through a planned gift during your lifetime, you are
automatically enrolled as a member of the Society. Below are a list of members that currenlty belong to the 1889 Society.

 Below are individuals who have decided to leave a Tech in their will

Raul Deju

John Dowdle

Richard Gochnauer

Charles Headen

Charles Javorsky

William F. Mann

Charles Millar

Richard Miller

Janet Mohler

Deborah Peacock

John Purson

Ted Randolph

Cherokee Randolph

Donna Rogers

Gerald Serafino

Harry Towne


 If you have plans to leave a bequest please let us know. Colleen Guengerich

John Dowdle Testimonial

In 2010 my class celebrated its Golden Reunion during New Mexico Tech’s Graduation Ceremonies. Over 50 percent of the surviving members of the class attended, collected our certificates proving we had made it, and generally had a great time. Afterwards, we started thinking about what Tech had done for us and what we could do for the University."


The result was The Class of 1960 Fund. Everyone contributed and the fund is now endowed. The income will be used to provide future scholarships. However, there is always a need for more support. My own contributions were one-time gifts such as a bench for the Memorial Park. This was the first time I had participated in a group effort. It felt good.


It also started me thinking about how I could do more for the school and for future students. At my age I wanted to a make a contribution that would have a greater impact and express my gratitude for what Tech has done for me as well as my pride in the school. I am in the process of revising my estate plan to do more for Tech. With the drive to celebrate Tech’s 125 years of educating top grade engineers and scientists who excel in their fields, now is a great time to do it. I am still thinking through the most effective way to manage the gift, but I want to do it in the context of the 2014 drive. The whole process has been a rewarding experience.


So, if you want to have the same sensation and express your gratitude, I encourage all of you to stand back, THINK ABOUT IT, and act on it. Now is the time.


John R. Dowdle, Class of 1960