Master of Science in Chemistry

  • Professors: Pietraß, Werbelow
  • Associate Professor: Heagy
  • Assistant Professors: Ewing, Kornienko, Pullin, Steelant, Wingenter(Chair of the Department), Zhang
  • Adjunct Faculty: Bruyneel, Buckley, Fukushima, Schwab, Tierney
  • Emeritus Professors: Brandvold, Brower, Hatch, C. Popp

Degrees Offered: M.S. in Chemistry and M.S. in Chemistry with Biochemistry Option

Students entering any chemistry graduate program must take entrance examinations prior to their first registration. If deficiencies are determined, appropriate undergraduate coursework will be required. The student’s course of study must be approved by the student’s advisory committee and must fulfill the general degree requirements for the respective advanced degree.

Degree Requirements
A minimum of 30 credit hours is required. These hours should be distributed as follows:

Coursework: 24 credit hours

  • 500-level chemistry courses 15 cr hrs minimum
  • CHEM 501 plus two courses chosen from any two of the following five groupings: CHEM 513 or 526; CHEM 521 or
    523; CHEM 524 or 525; CHEM 531 or 532; CHEM 545 or 546. CHEM 500, 529, 530, 581, 590 cannot be used to fulfill this requirement.
  • CHEM 529, 530 (Seminar) 2 cr hrs
  • CHEM 581 (Directed Study) 2 cr hrs maximum
  • 400-level chemistry courses 6 cr hrs maximum
  • 300-level chemistry courses 3 cr hrs maximum
  • Upper-division/500-level courses from 6 cr hrs another department
  • Thesis 6 credit hours

The student’s advisory committee may also allow additional 500-level courses chosen from another department, depending on the student’s program needs. Credits earned in these 500-level courses may also fulfill the 15-hour 500-level requirement with advisory committee approval. The requirement for a Master of Science degree should be completed within three (3) calendar years of the date of first registration. Special cases may be considered as outlined in the New Mexico Tech Graduate Guide. M.S. students are required to take CHEM 529 or 530 for credit for at least two semesters and to register as auditors for other semesters.

Master of Science in Chemistry with Biochemistry Option
Students earning a Master of Science degree in Chemistry can receive a Biochemistry Option through cooperation with the Biology Department. The requirements for the biochemistry option are the same as those for a Master of Science in Chemistry, except that:

  • A minimum of six (6) credit hours of the 15 credit hours minimum of 500-level chemistry classes must be selected from CHEM 521, 523, and 547.
  • A maximum of two (2) credit hours of CHEM 581 or BIOL 581 (directed study) may be used toward the degree.
  • A minimum of six (6) credit hours of upper-division/500-level courses in biology, selected from the following, must be completed: BIOL 331, 333, 351, 352, 356, 488, 501, 552, 588.

Students interested in such a program should consult their advisor and the pre-medical advisor.