Doctor of Philosophy in Petroleum Engineering

  • Distinguished Professor: Anderson
  • Professors: Lee, Teufel Langdon Taylor Endowed Chair
  • Associate Professors: Bretz, Chen (Chair of the Department), Engler, Weinkauf
  • Adjunct Faculty: Balch, Buckley, Grigg, Huang, Kelly, Martin, Lorenz, Parkinson, Plisga, Ruan, Seright, Taber, Warpinski

 In order to be admitted to the Ph.D. program, a student must meet the requirements as set forth by the Graduate Program and have completed an M.S. degree with thesis. A minimum of 60 credit hours past the master’s degree is required. New Mexico Tech courses taken to satisfy this requirement must have content different from courses applied to previous degrees. In addition to the department administered preliminary examination, the student is required to successfully complete a candidacy examination and a defense of the dissertation administered by the student’s advisory committee. (See www.nmt.edu/~petro for more detailed information.)

The 60-credits requirements should be distributed as follows:

     1. Minimum 30 credits regular* courses and Directed Study (581).

  • Minimum 12 credits of regular* 500-level petroleum engineering courses.
  • Maximum 9 credits of Directed Study (PETR 581); maximum 6 credits from the same professor.
  • Minimum 6 credits from outside of petroleum engineering in either engineering, engineering management, or science disciplines. Students with degrees in disciplines other than Petroleum Engineering may take an additional 6 credits of petroleum engineering courses instead.

     2. Minimum 24 credits and maximum 30 credits of Dissertation (PETR 595).

     3. Registration in Graduate Seminar (PETR 570) is required.

* Courses are considered regular only if a course title and scheduled meeting time are specified and the course is open to all qualified students.