People You Know, July 2006 - Feb. 2007


Dr. Bruce Ashcroft (72, BGS) writes, "I enjoyed three wonderful years at Tech, 1969-1972, graduating with a BGS. I fell in love with Socorro and wrote about its history off and on for a dozen years, culminating in my book, The Territorial History of Socorro."

"Anyway, I've been a civilian historian working for the Air Force since 1987, and I recently had the opportunity to co-author a study, Operation Dragon Comeback, about the effects of Hurricane Katrina on our base in Biloxi, Mississippi, and the command's response."

Dr. John Alderete (73, BS, math; 74, BS, biology) has been selected to receive an award for Outstanding Latino in Higher Education by the American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education, Inc. Alderete is a professor of microbiology at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. He is the recipient of many awards, including New Mexico Tech's Distinguished Alumnus Award.

Debra (Houston) Yoshimura (75, BS, environmental psychology) writes, "I relocated to Colorado Springs in June 2006 to accept a position with the U.S. Olympic Committee. I am responsible for audits of the USOC and the national governing bodies for the various Olympic sports. This is the best job I've ever had. It is a pleasure to work for an organization with so much passion for its purpose. My daughters (Mariko, 17, and Kiri, 15) and I are enjoying life in "the Springs."


Dr. Kelly Lee (80, BS, metallurgical engr.) writes, "My husband, Lee Hicks, daughter Cary, and I relocated to the edge of "green country," to Ponca City, Okla. We enjoy the green after all those years in Alaska. Look forward to hearing from all those others from the late 70s and early 80s."

Gary Gorozyca
(83, BS, petroleum engr.) writes, "I am an EBay Powerseller, and I am also involved in rock band promotion and concert promotion. I also work as a volunteer for the Veterans History Project on an oral history project." He says friends should feel free to contact him about any of these at garygor1960@comcast.net.

Kevin H. Cook (86, MS, geology) and his wife Sylveen Robinson-Cook (86, MS, geology) are owners of Royal Scepter Gems and Minerals in Silver City, N.M. Kevin has started a newspaper column in the Silver City Sun-News called "Rockin' around Grant County," in which he writes about geology, mining, mineral and fossil collecting, gemology, and lapidary. Kevin writes, "We have never been happier and love talking rocks with folks visiting the shop and the area." They have two sons, Colin and Brody.

Mark Tucker (87, BS, geophysics) writes that he and his wife Alcia "now have five kids; Harrison, 9; Zabrina, 8; Hilton, 2; and Bijou (born June 2006); and Cinnamon the lab, who is worse than the rest!"

"Hope everyone is well. We went back to Taos skiing this year for the first time in almost 20 years."

Mark works for g-Nostics Ltd. in the UK and the family lives in Stow-in-the-Wold.

Dr. Travis Wade (87, BS) received a Ph.D. in chemistry from UNM in 1995. He is currently doing research in nanotechnology at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, France.

Cindy Sission (88, BS, physics) is the chair of the Chemistry and Physics department at Louisiana State University at Shreveport. Her husband Paul Sisson (87, BS, math; 87, BS, physics) is dean of the College of Sciences at the same university. He recently had a show of his mathematical art; there is an article at http://www.ams.org/mathmedia/mathdigest/md-200606-toc.html.

Paul is also the author of two textbooks: College Algebra, coming out in a second edition soon, and Per-Calculus (2006).

Barbara (Marez) Palmer
(88, BS, petroleum engr.) writes, "I have recently moved from Minneapolis to Sugar Land, Tex., to change jobs. I now work for Sunoco Logistics as their Western Area Integrity and Compliance Manager. My daughter is now 16 and wanting to drive and my son turned 10. Where does time go?!?!? It seems like yesterday that I was at NMT."

Linda Linden (89, MST) writes, "I work as an environmental scientist for S.M. Stoller Corporation." She lives in Henderson, Nev.


Kathryn Ford (90, BS, biology) writes, "I am actually helping to teach new medical technologists (clinical laboratory professionals) for the medical profession. I have been at this position for 2.5 years and thoroughly enjoy education, more so than actually working in clinical labs."

Tom Jones (92, BS, physics and basic sciences) is Director of Engineering at Apex Digital Systems (http://www.apexds.com), a consulting and software development company in Silver Spring, Maryland, creating applications for large non-profit, government, and private clients. Tom lives in Greenbelt, Maryland.

In 2005, Tom was awarded the title of Kinetic Seer by the World Championship Kinetic Sculpture Race, in which human powered amphibious works of art race from Arcata to Ferndale, California. You can read more on Tom's website http://KineticBaltimore.com, and his serving on the pit crew of fellow alumnus Dave Hershberger's entry "Unwheeldy", a dicycle with 9-foot spoked wheels. Tom has also published the Tech campus exploits of Stealth Force Beta on his website at http://www.spril.com.

Michael Portereiko
(92, BS, biology) writes that he and his wife welcomed a son, Nicholas, in October 2005. They also have a daughter, Ann, who is now 4. The family has moved to Thousand Oaks, Calif., where Michael works for Ceres, Inc., a plant biotechnology company.

Tom Trujillo (93, BS, electrical engr.) writes, "My wife Kimberly and I are now proud parents of a baby boy, Ryan, born in August 2006. He is our first child. We still live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am a senior hardware design engineer at Applied Signal Technology in Sunnyvale, Calif."

Darwin (Majorie) Ward (93, BS, physics) writes, "On May 18, 2006, after a year of trying it on for size, I legally changed my first name from Marjorie to Darwin. Fellow Tech alums were instrumental in helping me pick my new name at the wedding rehearsal dinner for techie Matt 'Catbutt' Goolsby. Please address all future messages to 'Dar' or 'Darwin' and you can write me at mbigmistake@yahoo.com.

"FYI, I'm still living the good life in Madison, Wisconsin working for the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin while my girlie of 10 years, Tracy, is living in Indiana and working as a veterinarian."

Rebecca Knight
(96, BS, geophysics) writes, "I'm teaching science at The Academy, a private school in Appleton, Wisc. I am in charge of developing the primary program (elementary through 9th grade) with Cambridge University. We're the first Cambridge Primary Science program in the U.S. And I absolutely love it! Working with the little tykes is a blast." Angelina and Joseph Espindola

Rico Espindola
(96, BS, physics) and Teresa Espindola (97, BS, biology) are happy to report that they have a new son, Joseph Matthias, who was born on April 27, 2005. Their 3-year-old daughter, Angelina, is a proud violinist and dancer. [See photo on right.]

The family just moved into the dream home they have been building during the last 15 months. It is in the mountains on a 10-acre lot with views all around, including of the Sandia Peak ski area. Rico is a senior system engineer with ASRC Aerospace, and Teresa is a proud stay-at-home mom running a busy home-based business. "Life couldn't be better, we have made all our dreams come true!"

Rico and Teresa would love to hear from old friends. teresaespindola@msn.com.

Angela (Miller) Murrell (97, BS, basic sciences) writes, "After working at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces from January 2003 through May 2005, I moved out to San Diego, Calif. I now work as the outreach and instruction librarian in one of the premier biomedical research institutes in the world. I've gone full circle, from a library student worker in the Tech library back in 1996, to genetics researcher from 1997-2000 and finally found the perfect fit as a librarian at the Scripps Research Institute. Thanks to all the Tech faculty and my friends. I'd love to hear from old friends. Email me at wwdove17 at yahoo."

Ben Sittler (1997) and his partner Becca Middleton welcomed Iris Eleanor Wiley Sittler on Nov. 28, 2006. Ben has been employed as a software engineer for KnowNow, Apple, and more recently for bit torrent. Becca, a accomplished juggler, recently was awarded her doctorate from UC Berkeley in microbiology with a research focus on soil environments. The family lives in El Cerrito, Calif.

Dr. David Sivils
(97, Ph.D., geology) writes "My wife, Sherry, and I moved from Midland, Texas, to Plano, Texas, in 2004. I recently took a position as senior geologist with Wynn Crosby, moving from EnCana Oil & Gas (USA)." Aiden Douglas Jones

Robin (Carstensen) Jones (98, BS, envr. engr.) and her husband Doug Jones (98, BS, gen. engr.) are pleased to announce the birth of their first child, a boy, Aiden Douglas Jones (see photo on right). He was born on April 1, 2006. Robin writes, "He weighed 8 lbs., 14 oz. He is my April fool and the light of my life." The Joneses live in Albuquerque.

Marc Ahlen (99, BS, engr. mechanics) sent an update on himself and wife Danise. He writes, "Our daughter Paige Katelyn was born April 16, 2003. I was hired as contractor performing mechanical design for air and space radar and optical systems at Sandia Labs in April, 2004 and moved to Albuquerque at the same time. I also began working on a MS in mechanical engineering at UNM part time in January 2005."

Martin Schluep (99, BS, environ. engr.; 00, MS, environ. engr.) writes, "Rachelle [Schluep-Rourke] and I met at Tech during grad school. After we both graduated in 2000, we moved to Houston. Rachelle worked as a geologist at TetraTech and I worked as an environmental engineer at the URS Houston office in their air quality group. We got married in October 2003 and in January 2005, we both transferred our jobs internally and moved back to Albuquerque. I joined Kleinfleder in March 2006 to start and head their air quality group."


Aaron Saenz (00, BS, technical communication) is a medical office clerk instructor at East Los Angles Occupational Center. He is also president of San Gabriel Valley Pride, a non-profit organization that produces a GLBT pride event and resource fair for the Greater San Gabriel Valley area of Los Angles.

Lisa Edwards (02, BS, math and psychology) graduated from Southern California College of Optometry and is now doing a residency in pediatrics and visual therapy.

Diane Agnew
(03, BS, geology; 06, MS, hydrology) and Peter Agnew (04, BS, computer science; 04, BS, electrical engr.) were married on June 16, 2006 in Santa Fe. They are currently living in Albuquerque. Peter is a software engineer and network administrator for Acme Worldwide Enterprises.